Judge calls for special master to draw New York lines


A federal judge late Monday criticized state lawmakers for dragging their feet on drawing new district lines, calling for the appointment of a “special master” to draw the maps instead.

In a five-page ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Dora Irizarry asked the chief judge of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals to tap a three-judge panel to identify a special master, who would “oversee and draw up a redistricting plan that is in compliance with federal and state constitutional and statutory law.”

Irizarry was critical of lawmakers in charge of the redistricting process, saying the state’s compressed election cycle — its federal primary is scheduled for June 26 — is cause for intervention.

The decision sided with the plaintiffs, a coalition of New York voters who filed suit in November. They called for the appointment of a special master, alleging that time had already run too short for lawmakers to draw their own lines.

Draft lines for state Senate and Assembly districts were released last month, while congressional lines have yet to be released. The petitioning period for congressional candidates is currently scheduled to start in mid-March.

It wasn’t immediately clear what impact the decision would have on LATFOR, the legislative task force redrawing lines. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, meanwhile, has vowed to veto any lines not drawn by an independent entity, which would send the maps to court.

Here’s Irizarry’s decision:

Redistricting Decision


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  1. This is exactly what I have been highlighting since a long time… in My Writings in The Journal News and This “BLOG” known as Politics on The Hudson” .

    I am glad to learn as a Follower of General and Later President George Washington; and as a Federalist;and Firm Believer of The Federal Formations of Our Country….that (almost) in every level of County Governments, those who call themselves “Law-Makers” seems to be engaged in The biggest and highest levels of Bigotry! There are many sitting on The Chairs in The County’s Legislatures to a point that the burden of their weights have not only pained the Chairs that they are constantly sitting on; but, it has even worst damaged The Practice of Rule of Law. Let’s take for examples THIS COUNTY where I reside… I say that I live here…. But, there are Many ( who find in The even Press) My views Offensive! Can you believe it! Perhaps those people have forgotten that George Washington’s and My United States of America gives to bigotry no sanction! So wake up! The alarm is ringing from a Federal Court of Law!

    Lord! Bless America!

    As, I wad saying what Americans call living in a County….Many ( a vast majority who are even exposed in their Home Country) of “engaging in bigotry on US Soil” call their Neighborhoods as “Settlements”…

    Why would (people who travel unlimited times to their Homeland on Multiple Passport) be allowed to sit in (just a co-incidentally prĂ©sent example) in New Sqare and ( Specially) those who were living in England and No One Knew Their Whereabouts… !

    But! After all The FBI Found them! ( after 20 Years) of so-called absconding!.THESE or THOSE WHO ARE SO LOYALLY (EVEN MORE LOYALLY OVER THE US CONSTITUTION THAT THEY have even made The “Pledge” optional. Here, what Many Constitutionalists Find harder to comprehend the Philosophy that these “types of people” who are in broad daylight are engaged in “commuting passive treason” on Regular Basis and Conduct!…

    Ladies and Gentlemen! You must be wondering How are these people engaged in practice of treason?…..

    HERE! WHEN anywhere in The United States and It’s Soil a “law-maker or any Legislator” who enables or makes a Law above “the Supremacy of The Supreme Law of The Land is in Morality, Ethics and His Oath engaged in passive treason!….Take for example, “appointing themselves” combined with The Political Party’s Controlled Election Commission Sepup in New York! ….Here, I must not forget how well, smooth and switch was of “one Rockland County Retireing Legislator; and election ( that perfectly fits under the legal definition of actually or actual replacĂ©ment!…Ditto Copy! – Well! The PEOPLE thought, it was election!…

    Imagine! (in another Office) many had “humiliation and endorsements from both Parties!… How, is it possible?

    Ask! The Federal Judge; at least I have heard commonsense and an attempt to halt!.. this Redistrricting Blindfold Games!
    Many, are in their actions are (in My opinion) openly engaging in weakening Our Country! The Framers Of The Constitution United the County and today these people who got “powerful” with lust of corruption in their veins!…After, all what does the Republic expects when they are here to ONLY make money and go back home!

    To be Honest Such Individuals should not be allowed to Redistrricting The United States of America’s Destiny! No way! I am not buying that…that’s mockery!…

    Now! Look at this Ruling…The Political Process in The Union’s State of New York has become so dysfunctional that these incompetent and corrupt” cannot do thirty work! Now, they will need a Kick in The backside of their behind! …

    A Federal Judge and The Judiciary had to put them in The right place! It great and sad at the sametime!….this is where the Society had come to!

    But! I am sure the Founding Fathers must be Very Around of Honorable Judge Dora Irizarry! ….

    My Standing Ovation.
    God Bless America!

    Note: This kind of Breed at The Federal Level can bring the Country’s Golden Years and Amazing Grace back in minutes backs!

    But! those who abused the Oath must be prosecuted? Well!, if I would have been the US Attorney General, I will…..try them.

    HABIBHASAN- An American Storyteller