Governor releases teacher-evaluation budget amendment


For those interested in learning all there is to know about the statewide teacher-evaluation budget amendment, here are all 27 pages of it:

Teacher Evaluation Art VII


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  1. . . . for many Centuries; it used to be be Horse before the Carriage . . . . ! Now, what seems is that two things have changed: The Horse, and The Concept. Now it seems to me that the “Donkey” has replaced the Horse and the life goes on with Made in Korea Top Selling Cars in the US and Filling Up those “cars” Gas Tank with Hugo Chavas Gas Station. Not to mention the [undisclosed] money contributed in the PAC [ The Political Action Committee] after 2011! No questions asked . . . FORGET “what about the Checks and Balances”! . . . .Dance and Sing Peace and Love! {Ask Law Enforcement Analysts what those who sing “Peace and Love in the Banner of Inter-Faith Discipline . . .what [exatly] they mean. It’s a Red Flag in Intellegence Analysis Study . . . Be careful of many who are singing “Peace and Love” ! – And, what goes on goes on! – It’s all in the PRESS read the NEWSPAPERS!

    However, it will be a good point to mention [here] that The United States Constitution does not allow “Gentlemen” to use their “arbitary judgement” or a “private or public fiat of public offices” to govern or [in this Case of The Rotten State of NY] almost RULE the People!

    This is [may be] illegitimate popular sovereignty” but trust me, its really illegitimate, if it does not takes into account the Highest Law! [i.e. The Constitution of The United States of America] A Written One! on top. How can this go on . . . . anfd why?

    I have no problem in comprehending the point that the republican [not The Republic Party] The Republic Ideas are as Important as the liberal ideas . . . .No doubt about it! But, [let’s not forget] for a unity of ideas of the 18th Century. it was the liberalism that gave BIRTH to socialism! . . . . We as a Nation did adapted to liberal freedomes by not only “incorporating” the Ten Amendments in Our Nation’s Fedral Conscitituion by Providing Human Freedoms and Capital Liberalsim too . . . That [in my opinion] was a big compromise and the foresight of Our Founding Fathers and The Framers of the Constitution.

    What happened later in mid 19th Century and onwards until Obama Adminsistation and The Cuomo awaiting in line [after his excellency master] compltes his 8 years, if relected.

    However, it is the fault of the Citizenry of Our Country who has failed to take part in the Politcal Process and Those Who did’ Yes, they are [without any opposition] eneged in not only getting their politics identified based on [any and without prejudice] religious and racial identification. And, this seems like it exclusive . . .and [when] those who arenot concerned are left behind and do not actively take part and the ones who have dominated the body politics or The Country or [particularly of] the State are blamed by the non-participant. Its like a ONE WAY DEMOCRACY. It’s not the “Democracy’s” fault . . its [actually] the fault of those who just comment on the one who are actively invovled.

    And, [this] Ladies and Gentlemen creates a vacume of “Check and Balance” when TheFederal Government or The FBI intervens . . .latest [example] is the Federal Ruling about “the Practice of the State in Re-districting”! . . . .

    Concluding, what Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, Benjimin Frankilin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton belived is no where found in this State of New York and its Conduct of Those [ assumedly] elected in the Offices of Publuic Trust.

    The Supreme Court will say . . .[if] this is t he Case”Bring a Law Suit” amd We will hear it! But, who has the legal defence fund? . . . . The ones who have it are engaged in Hugo Chavas Propoganda on US Soil. But, the Meraning of My Union is only One! Any other union must bewear of the buyers . . . .We ccann run every block in various Counties with overlapping Governments . . .Where is the “Promised” remdy o the Former Attorney General? . . . . Now, what happened!

    Please do’t forget this is The United states of America! Not the Country of Origin ir a Ground to Practice what happens in Vagas casinos . . . . . that’s ok! for entertainment not to run this Country and invove you fiat!

    God Bless My Republic – The George Washington Country.

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller