UPDATED: Yonkers city clerk eying retirement


YONKERS – Long-time City Clerk Joan Deierlein confirmed today she is considering stepping down when her current five-year term ends in December.

Deierlein, a Republican who has held the post since October 1992, said she had wanted to wait until the newly-elected City Council members and mayor were “settled in” before announcing her retirement.

“It just seems like a good time to turn it over,” Deierlein said. “Twenty years is a long time. The office could use some fresh eyes.”

Her departure puts the mayor’s younger brother, Acting First Deputy Clerk Vincent Spano, in the running for the No. 1 spot in the clerk’s office. The youngest of the 16 siblings of the Spano political dynasty, Vincent Spano, a Conservative, was hired to the position in February 2003.

Under city code, the council appoints both the city clerk as well as the first and second deputy clerks, each from a different political party.

The clerk’s office has been without one of its deputy clerks for about five years following the retirement of Democrat Barbara Flatley. Council Democrats at the time chose not to fill the post, citing budget woes.

Democratic and Republican council members said Thursday they have yet to formally discuss potential replacements for Deierlein or whether the vacant deputy position should be restored.

The council is expected to vote on the candidates it has put forth once Deierlein has stepped down. If she leaves prior to that decision, Spano would serve as interim city clerk in her absence.


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