Court battle over religious groups using schools continues


In an ongoing case on whether religious institutions can use New York City schools for worship, a federal judge today granted an injunction prohibiting the city’s Board of Education from enforcing its ban on any religious group seeking to rent space.

Following a court ruling last year, New York City rescinded permission for religious groups to use its schools on Sundays. That new policy was scheduled to take effect two weeks ago. Chief U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska issued a temporary stay on the new policy last week, but a higher court said it only applied to the Bronx Household of Faith. Preska said in today’s ruling that it applies to the Bronx Household of Faith and “any similarly situated individual or entity.”

The state Senate voted Feb. 6 on a bill that would overturn the New York City policy through a state law. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, initially said he had major concerns with the legislation, but he later said he was open to negotiations. Additional court action in the case, however, has put any talks on hold.

City schools have been allowing religious organizations to use school buildings since 2002. They pay a fee that partially covers the schools’ expenses, according to the New York City Law Department.

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  1. Well! … What’s going on! Now. ( they) are attacking Christianity? Why does it matter so much to those who do not even allow ( any other faith) to even enter “their” Places of Worships”. And, in a Christian Country with the Same sentiments of “The Saviour of The World”.. The God We All Trust ( and at The same token) also criticize from the next sentence after saying “God’ from The se mouth!

    Isn’t that strange to comprehend!

    Now! At least (historically finding) that The Christians did not start Praying to anything nut The LordAlmighty.

    What any Why The Worshippers who want to “rent’ a space; either it be Public Schools be allowed without this (well-place and executed) Patterns?

    Now! If The Christians are being obstructed to Pray on God’s Soil where The Public Schools Building stands….then what shall we do as a Christian Nation “who at time of it’s Founding” had every chance to Impose s Region like a Majority of Nation States have’!

    But! They divide to met only give ” Freedoms to Religion’ and also Wrote our down in Our Constitution!

    Now! if the Christian Sacrifices are going to be thanked I’m law suits to not allowing th to Worship in Schools them let’s give them their Jerusalem back!

    Remember what The Three Wise Men Predicted!

    Wrong I’m The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA respect everyone’s Rights to Worships…And .apparently the 21dy Century so-called Elite is without the due respect of Separations of Church and State OS engaging in 16th Century’s religions inquisitions ( but this time- it seems like its from outside…after The Republic being the Saviour off many I’m The Desserts and Caves!

    Is that fair? to curb or limit the Christian Churches on this Soil? Be honest! Think for a second!

    (Without Prejudice-An Academic Thought)

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller