GOP Chairs: Rye Town Supervisor Joseph Carvin Exploring Senate Run


Add another potential Senate challenger to the mix: Rye Town Supervisor Joseph Carvin.

A Republican who has led efforts to dissolve the town he represents, Carvin has expressed interest in challenging Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, according to the Westchester and Rockland Republican chairmen.

“I know (Carvin) has reached out to his committee and I think he’s been in touch with other chairs across the state,” Westchester GOP Chairman Douglas Colety said in a phone interview today. “He’s one of our hometown guys and we look forward to helping him through the process.”

Carvin, who helps manage a London-based hedge fund in addition to his town post, is set to have dinner with several county chairs on Wednesday to discuss his interest, according to Rockland County GOP Chairman Vincent Reda, the first vice chairman of the state Republican Party.

On March 3, Carvin and two other potential Republican challengers — Manhattan attorney Wendy Long and Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos — will be screened by all of the Hudson Valley GOP chairmen at the Rockland County headquarters in New City, Colety and Reda said.

“I’m going to meet him Wednesday night with four or five county chairs to kind of screen him and see what he’s got to offer,” Reda said. “Next Saturday morning, we’re going to have all of the candidates and introduce them to the Lower Hudson Valley chairs and some of the state Republican Party chairs.”

It wasn’t immediately clear if Carvin has hired any staff to aid him in his potential run. He couldn’t be reached for comment on Friday and Saturday, and a women who answered the phone at the Rye Town offices said he was on vacation.

Carvin, along with partners in London, manages Altima Partners, a $1 billion-plus hedge fund specializing in international investments. He was first elected Rye Town supervisor in 2007.

Republicans view Gillibrand as vulnerable, and will name their preferred candidate at the state GOP convention in Rochester on March 16.

Maragos has vowed to spend $5 million of his own money on a run should he be chosen by the party, while Long said in a phone interview Friday she is hoping to fundraise upwards of $15 million. Long, who will kick off a statewide swing in Syracuse on Tuesday, didn’t rule out the possibility of self-funding a portion of her campaign.

Colety, the Hudson Valley regional vice chairman for the state GOP, said party leaders are keeping their options open.

“We’re open-minded and we’re supportive of everyone right now,” he said. “We’re going to have a fair and open process and make sure all of the candidates are served.”


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  1. Is this the Joe Carvin who botched the Town of Rye reassessment?

    Or the Joe Carvin who had his brother hired as a lawyer at hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to represent a city in Rye?

    Or the Joe Carvin who used taxpayer dollars to send out political mailings?

    Or the Joe Carvin who’s mismanagement of the Town Park cost the taxpayers thousand of dollars?

    Thought so. Stay in Rye. Don’t embarass yourself.

  2. Altima Partners was the second worst performing hedge fund last year losing almost 25% last year. Just what we need in Washington, not only another 1%, but a 1% who losses money.

  3. First off – those who can’t spell should not be allowed to vote. Secondly, the “brilliant” Tim Geithner, our Secretary of the Treasury, couldn’t get his money out of his house in Larchmont when he finally put it on the market. So much for anticipating the real estate bubble.

  4. I read the news about _”Rye Town” Supervisor Mr. Joseph Karvin choices for Serving in The Office Of US Senator from The State of New York! Well! Ladies and Gentlemen…I am ( from My Constitutionalist ) Upbringing and a Strong Supporter of The Fédéral Republicanism; ( I hopefully imagining that The Readers of My Comment will not Misunderstand My usage not at all or anything to do with referee to The Grand Old Party)! Ât least those who did not go to “Havard” or “Yale” comprehend much better the meanings of ” Federal Republicanism”.

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