Fingerpointing continues between BOL and Astorino


Democrats on the Board of Legislators say County Executive Rob Astorino is breaking the law – so they want him to sue. Himself.

Got that?

Board Chairman Ken Jenkins, D-Yonkers, and other Democrats today accused Astorino of repeatedly ignoring laws they pass. And they argued that it wasn’t their responsibility to challenge him in court; the onus is on the county executive to get the issue cleared up with a judge.

“It’s pretty simple. The county executive’s job … is to enforce the resolutions” and acts adopted by the county board, Jenkins said. “That’s all we’re asking for. We just want the law followed.”

The board and county executive have repeatedly bickered over their authorities to oversee and operate the government. Whether it’s day care, Section 8 or bus routes, the two branches seem to fight at every turn.

The issue again came to a head today at the county’s Acquisition and Contract’s board meeting, which Democrats argue was convened illegally with a commissioner whose appointment was rejected by the board.

Furthermore, when Jenkins stormed out in protest, he and other Democrats maintain there was no quorum on the three-member group. No contracts should have been approved.

Earlier this year, the board passed a resolution saying that the county’s budget director, not the public works commissioner, must sit on the A & C board.

The administration rejects that notion entirely, saying that the law the board enacted is void and holds no bearing in reality. And they have the county’s attorney’s opinion to back it up, they say.

“They could pass a law tomorrow that says the county executive terms ends on April 1 – that would be an April Fool’s joke,” said George Oros, Astorino’s chief of staff.

So why not get clarification from a judge?

“We’d be challenging our own rules – why would we do that?” Oros said.

Democrats — including Legislators Lyndon Williams, Judy Myers, Catherine Borgia, Alfreda Williams and Mary Jane Shimsky — say the county attorney’s opinion is just that — an opinion.

Watch the videos
Board of Legislators Chairman Ken Jenkins blasts County Executive Rob
Astorino for not following laws passed by the board.

Legislator Judy Myers, a Democrat from Mamaroneck, says County Executive
Rob Astorino isn’t abiding by the laws of Westchester County.

George Oros, chief of staff for County Executive Rob Astorino’s
administration, says the county board law on the contracts board is void
and won’t be followed.


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  1. Astorino’s the best thing that’s happened to this county in the past century. Someone has finally taken on the useless, featherless, moribund, big spender, intellectually and fiscally challenged birds in the Bd of Legislators and left them waving their wings and cackling like impotent soprano turkeys upon the barren and infertile valley of small-time government that they have created.

  2. So the long-supressed Conservative Kooks of Westchester are pleased with Astorino. He won simply because he wasn’t Andy Spano. If the Dems get their act together, Rob is in for a rude awakening in 2013.

  3. What Dem would have done better than Spano in the last election? He was the cream of your crop, the top banana, the three-term genius, the rug that vacuumed itself, the big, big spender who helped get and keep all the other big spender leftists on the County Board.

  4. This is turning out to be a Laurel and Hardy BOL… I can’t stop laughing because you just can’t make this stuff up.
    Yeah, sue yourself!!! hahahaha!

    What a joke. Did they go to Harvard or to Yale?

    And the Lemmings keep following right after Jerkins… Doesn’t even one of them look in a mirror and see how ridiculous not only they are, but how they continue to make our County?

    No wonder we are the highest taxed County.
    Fiscally irresponsible until someone is finally elected that wants to put the breaks on ever increasing nanny entitlements, and then the keystone cops run around in circles yelling, SUE YOURSELF, WE”RE NOT HAPPY!

    No, you just can’t make this up….

  5. 10 blind mice on

    tomjo right on target. Any fool would know you can not have a law like this without a vote of the people. Oh that’s right we are dealing with fools.
    The Board of Legislators have become the laughing stock of the taxpayers of Westchester County. Looking at their records they have not won a lawsuit against the CE, they have only spent the taxpayers money and we are tired of it. If you look at the cast of characters you will see they all owe the Chairman their committee chairs. So they pay back with taxpayers money as they don’t give a damn so long as they get their money.
    Each one of them at the press conference was indebted to this tax and spend , I want it my way and where is my playpen Chairman. Read the charter Oh I forgot that is work!!! We rather just spend taxpayers money on court.