Katz Admits Arrests, Says Charges Were Dropped (UPDATED)


In a bizarre YouTube video posted yesterday, Assemblyman Steve Katz admits to a pair of past arrests related to his veterinary business, but says he was cleared of all charges in both cases.

In an interview with the publisher of a local weekly paper and a Pennysaver columnist, Katz says the first incident happened when he was operating a veterinary practice in Philadelphia.

According to Katz, an 80-year old client and her 102-year-old mother called him on a “hot summer night” because their 90-pound German Shepherd was dead on their living room floor. He put the dog into the trunk of his car to transport it to his veterinary hospital and it began to “ooze onto (his) daughter’s Barbie dolls,” he said.

Katz, a Yorktown Republican, said he took the dog back to his apartment because he didn’t have the keys to his practice, and put the dog onto his outdoor garbage receptacle. When he turned around, Katz said, two police officers were there and arrested him for “short dumping.”

“At the arraignment when they told the judge what happened, the judge asked one question: ‘Well, did you go into the apartment building to corroborate that Dr. Katz actually lived there?'” Katz said in the video. “When they said no, the judge started to tell the police, ‘Don’t you ever waste my time in this court again!'”

In a second incident, Katz said he was working in a Bronx veterinary practice when a “vicious chihuahua” sunk its teeth into his arm and was accidentally knocked off an exam table.

“The people freaked out, went to the police, had me arrested,” Katz said. “When I got to the 46th precinct, they were trying to figure out what to book me for. When I was arraigned and told the story, the judge rolled her eyes and said, ‘Don’t you ever waste time in my court again.'”

The video comes after an anonymous robocall has made the rounds in Westchester and Putnam counties alleging that Katz has a criminal past that he was trying to cover up. Katz is mulling a primary challenge to Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County, and met with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos on Wednesday.

When asked yesterday by Gannett’s Albany Bureau if he was planning on publicly addressing a rumored past arrest, Katz acknowledged that he was arrested for a “traffic incident” that happened “25 years ago,” but did not go into detail. He hasn’t returned several calls or emails on Thursday and Friday. Update: Katz on Friday disputed that he characterized the incident as a traffic incident. “In a million years, I never said it was a traffic incident,” he said.

Here’s the video, posted to YouTube yesterday:


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  1. Smartporpoise on

    Our Assembly and Senate are filled to the brim with self-serving, mercenary, egomaniacal wackos and charlatans. It will ever be so. They would all prefer to be in Hollywood, but they are too ugly, too stupid, too bereft of talent. They have taken the easier road to what they, in their world of delusion, assume is fame.

  2. I watched the video and am impressed with Dr. Katz. Anybody who has even heard of Greg Ball knows that he can’t run on issues but insteads loves the dirt. The people of New York will be very fortunate if Dr. Katz runs and rids us of the slime that is Greg Ball.

  3. Riddle me this Batman on

    Greg Ball is a joke and soon everyone will find out that he’s the punchline too.

  4. True or not? on

    I asked this question yesterday and the post was removed, what else is out there about Steve katz that we do not know?

  5. Evaluation from the Common Man on

    A lot of judges seem to say exactly the same thing to the prosecutor, and it’s always “Don’t you ever waste my tie in court again.” Hmmm. And one wonders what’s the difference if he lived in the apartment building if he’s dumping a dog “on” or “in” a waste can? Meanwhile, anyone who originates, authorizes, or makes a “robocall” about any of this nonsense should himself be ordered by the courts to be evaluated to check on his own mental health. Fruitcakes top to bottom, and they’re all our “honorable” politicians, of course.

  6. The Katz family will be in for trash bashing by ,,,,,someone. Wonder who would want to do this to him? We all can think of ,,,,,,someone who would be a pro at this…..Where did the phone listings come from for the robo call????? Not everyone in the 99th assemblydistrict got the call. This is such nonsense from … someone.
    Let’s hope the Katz family can put up with this….by someone.

  7. If our representatives would pay more attention to the issues, gather information on how their constituents want them to vote (robo call feed back, if you will) and actually vote the way the majority of their constituents suggest, who elected them and who they are sworn to represent, then we might get some place. We might improve the lot of the average everyday citizen. Instead our elected legislators would prefer to pass exotic no impact to the majority, historic (Ha) legislation like gay marriage; purpose legislation to force citizens to perform activities which go against their beliefs. We the PEOPLE must work to remove from office all those who want to control every aspect of our lives. We must insist on candidates that will promote and protect our freedoms, and be free to make our own decisions and live with the consequences that come from self-reliance and accepting responsibility.

  8. Daddy Warbucks on

    Who will replace Katz in the Assembly. dario gristina has announced. there are rumors that frank lombardi. bill gouldman and dini lobue will also run.

  9. dadio has been throwing $500 and $1000 fundraisers every week. Does he believe people dont see right through this.

  10. Dario will not run He is a puppet for Greg Ball. He will drop out and give the money he raised to Ball. Ball will need everything he can raise to run against Katz.

  11. The Big Question on

    The big question is why ANYONE with half a brain from either party would aspire to the NY State Assembly anyway, other than to personally get rich, or richer.

  12. Dini Lobue is a joke she could never get elected to the Assembly, she is disliked by most people in her district, she is against the soccer fields for the kids and she has taking positions against the veterans who served our country. Frank Lombardi would be an excellenet canidate who cares about the people in his town.

  13. Give It a Shot on

    Doesn’t BOCES offer something or other at some evening location to help alleviate the numerous literary afflictions and offenses contained in the preceding “thought?”

  14. Dini LoBue has run reelection for a county legislator seat. She is as strong as she has ever been. Frank Lombardi would be a good candidate but he has possible issues.

    Ball will support both Frank lombardi and Dario Gristina with both of them not believing it is possible for it to happen. They will both be nieve to this. Bill Gouldman is an interesting name. He has run 3 times before in a different district against Galef a long time democratic. He did well but could never have one. This race will be an open seat. I will watch from a distance.

  15. carmel insider on

    Lombardi has been seen a lot with Ball does Gristina know that Ball will support Lombardi over him.

  16. That’s a good one buggies. BTW I received an email from india saying I won the india Lottery. This type of campaigning everyone knows is what Grerg Ball does. This year I smell change in the wind.

  17. Dini Lobue is not a good legislator, she only got the republican nod because she was owed a favor from Republican Party Chairman Anthony Scannipieco who owed her for her deciding vote on reappointment aso election commissioner. Chairman Scannipieco is aware that Dini is a bad legislator and also knows she has no potenial to go any higher than she currently is. If there was a good candidate last time Dini ran she would have lost. Dini Lobue is a terrible representative of the people and she needs to find another job that is more suitable for her nasty attitude.

  18. Why pick on Mr.Katz?….When the ” Records of People Who Sold Drugs” is sealed and they are sitting in Rockland County’s Pious Benches in around the park! Uncle Sam can unseal the Records!….

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  19. sounds like Jeps is planning to run for NYS assembly and wants to discourage Dini Lobue out of the race. I guess we should reject dini’s “nasty attitude” and embrace his. and a few stories up, the DUI, I hear is legit. It seems Katz only admits to what is dug up on him and doesn’t come clean on his own. I don’t know who’s advising Katz, but I hope Katz isn’t paying the guy any money for his advice.

  20. Campaign Advisor on

    If Jeps is planning to run for anything, he’d be well-advised to hire a second grade teacher to edit his discombobulated, illiterate output.

  21. tell me about it. saying all that idiotic trash about dini just to scare her out of the race if she wants to run. Probably the same person writing that Greg Ball is supporting Frank Lombardi over dario gristina, trying to discourage dario gristina. What a child, not trying to insult children, but this is politics in 2012? one by one discouraging everyone out of the race, or so he thinks. He not only needs a second grade teacher to proofread his stuff, he needs some meds or something to calm himself and some of that anger.

  22. Jeps is long retired and has no desire to run for anything, I do care about my community and those who serve us. Dini Lobue is not the answer, she is the problem, and she has no shot at winning any race against a credible candidate. You talk about needing a second grade teacher to proof read something, (remember this is a blog), have you heard Dini speak at public events, she is an embarrassment to herself and those she represents. Dini is hated by MSA families because she interferes with the ability for the children to have safe and proper access to the airport property where the kids play soccer. She has shown nothing but disrespect for the Veterans in our community and does not support causes that address their needs.

    Remember this, it is only a scare tactic if you have something to be scared of.

  23. Greg Ball has no shame. He has attacked Congresswoman Hayworth and anyone else who tries to oppose him. He never runs on or addresses the issues, he just slings mud and brings up false or misleading matters.

  24. so that’s going to be your campaign platform it appears. Kid’s rec, veterans, and access to parks. That’s a good platform.

    However, the platform is only as good as the person delivering it.

    If she’s so horrible how did she win quite handily two times? Her first race she spent less than $400. So keep trying to scare dini and dario out of the race, it will do you no good.

  25. PROGRAM NOTE: Full 30-minute video interview with Assemblyman Katz can be seen Thursday, March 8 at 10 p.m. on Cablevision channels 15 and 74 (depending on your system) on “Bruce the Blog Goes Bazzo!” weekly community affairs program. It will be posted on the show’s YouTube channel after the cablecast.

  26. Dini it is nice to hear from you on the blog, Dini won by winning a primary where she ran against two males who both got about the same amount of votes (a small percentage below Din), by virtue of Dini being one female against two males she won because they split the vote and she slipped in. In her next race, she had no real opposition. You can rest assured the next time Dini runs, she will have a major opposition running against her, no more gifts coming her way.

  27. And to your point of kids and veteran’s, those are two extremely important issue in everyone’s life, we all live for our kids and in my case my kids and grandchildren. As far as veterans are concerned, they are the reason we have the freedoms that we do today. Watch the history channel or do some research and learn what the United States of America has done over the years in World War I and II and maybe you will understand why we are saluting the flag and not some dictator. Most people I know have a great deal of respect for our kids/children and veteran’s and to imply that if someone ran on a platform of kids and veterans that they would get nowhere, you really do not know the residents of Putnam.
    Dini, we all know you read these blogs and sometimes comment under another name, come clean.

  28. I guess if one reads blogs long enough, he gets to hear it all, no matter how ridiculous. That’s how jeps sounds. He has excuses for everything. He’s trying to scare everyone out of the race with BS, just so he can slither his way in the campaign. Gee if I didn’t know any better i’d think you did this before! But of course you’ll deny it.

    So now Dini won because she’s a woman. Nothing about working her tail off, about being sincere (which you’re not), about being a lifelong resident of mahopac. Nah, none of those figured in.

    So Dini should collapse and not run, and Dario should collapse because supposedly his ex-wife or someone is in the papers. Why don’t you grow a pair and just say it? Have you been a coward all your life? Or just on lohud?

    Is there anyone else you want to try to scare out this race? Jeps isn’t a veteran, just one of those who wraps himself in the American flag every Memorial day and marches in the local parade trying to get himself seen. Isn’t that correct Jeps?


    *Why wait till March 8th to see Steve Katz??????

    *You can see him right now this minute!!!!!!!

    *Just go to youtube and type in “STEVE KATZ ARRESTED TWICE”…….and you will learn all you need to know about the ingrate Katz.

  30. I hope someone posts an equally dumb YouTube video of Dario Gristina’s two arrests for solicitation of prostitution and driving while impaired.

  31. If you have a charge like that, have the courage to document it and put your name on it

  32. Never mind, Kettle Pot. I looked it up. Seems like we’re inundated with political wackos.

  33. I don’t know much about Dario, but I know Dini is a horrible representative of the people in Mahopac and needs to be challenged by a serious candidate anytime she runs for office. Dini is out for Dini and a few tree huggers.

    You have to give it to Kettle Pot, you called him out and he proved he staements.

  34. lack of judgement on

    why does sheriff smith give money to criminals? he does radio ads with a convicted drunk driver, sends his flunkie to give speechs at fundraisers for a criminal and a alleged wife beater where is his judgement?

  35. Note to Loose Bruce …

    Because YouTube videos can be posted by anyone and the original content easily can be loosely edited to the point of distorting the original content beyond intent and recognition.

    The full 30-minute interview with Assemblyman Katz that airs tonight (Mar. 8) at 10 p.m. on Cablevision channels 74 and 15 (depending on your system and location) is unexpurgated and wholly in context.

  36. KETTLE POT: you won’t be seeing any “DUMB” youtube videos of Dario Gristina, because Dario won’t be giving us any “DUMB”, insincere, and BOGUS excuses about what happened to him. If you think the youtube video is “DUMB”, that’s because 90% of it shows Steve Katz talking, making excuses nobody believes. The scenes with the dogs and the lion, etc., that was funny. But the really “DUMB” parts was the ones that show Katz talking.

  37. putnam needs borkowski now March 7th, 2012 at 8:34 pm
    Jim we need you!

    i just saw this. that cracks me up. Forrest Gump. “RUN FORREST RUN”!!

  38. Steve Katz can try to talk his way out of this illegal action that he has committed, but no one believes him, he is a snake trying to say it was a simply misnderstanding. Please Mr. Katz, tell that story to somone else, if it was so innocent, you would have never been arrested in the first place. Maybe you are going to blame the police for a false arrest? Are you saying the police did not do their job properly, did you file a complaint against the police for false arrest? Just asking?