Read Testimony Surrounding Sen. Tom Libous At Yonkers Corruption Trial


The aftershocks from the federal corruption trial of former Yonkers Republican Chairman Zehy Jereis and former Yonkers City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi are being felt both in Albany and Binghamton, as an influential state senator found himself the focus of some testimony this week.

As reported by The Journal News’ Jonathan Bandler on Monday, disbarred lawyer Anthony Mangone testified that he hired Deputy Senate Majority Leader Thomas Libous’ son after the senator asked him to, in part for a promise of more work for Mangone’s firm.

Afterward, Mangone testified that the senior Libous then called to ask his son’s salary to be raised to $100,000, and later to $150,000. Matthew Libous left the company after only eight months.

Neither Libous is named in the federal indictment, nor are they parties in the criminal case.

In today’s Press & Sun-Bulletin, Steve Reilly takes a look at more testimony regarding the father and son.

Libous, a Republican from Binghamton, has declined comment, citing the ongoing nature of the trial. But Mangone’s testimony has riled up Binghamton Democrats, including Mayor Matt Ryan, who called for a “full ethics investigation of these allegations.”

Below, you can read two sets of testimony from Mangone related to Libous:



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  1. Republican Loyalist on

    I’m the choir. I vote Republican and I ain’t voting for ANY Republican who defends this bunch.

    Dean Skelos has already come to the defense of Tom Libous. Dean Skelos is a fool.

    How are candidates like Greg Ball or Bob Cohen going to function ethically when the crew paying their bills is always dipping their beak in Nick Spano’s trough? This is the Liz Feld race all over again, where she campaign against Albany — until Dean Skelos was in the room (literally).

    It doesn’t get any sadder and more pathetic than this.

  2. Pat It Backward on

    This is extortion.

    I’m reading this testimony and can’t believe a New York State Senator would demand a six figure job for his son. This is sick. And Tom Libous has been in the State Senate how many years? And Dean Skelos is defending him?

    Are they dumb? Seriously, is there lead in the water in the State Capitol Building?

    All this makes Nick Spano look like a really pathetic wimp.

  3. more corrupt people in Westchester & Putnam should start deciding on attorneys. Looks like Mangone is believable, heh Mike?

  4. Slaughterhouse 5 on

    Binghamton Democrats are described as “riled up.” They’re “riled up” because they want to replace a Republican fat cat with one of their own to get a bigger spoon to dip in the spoils. And so it goes, as Vonnegut said, and so it goes.

  5. just plain dumb on

    zhey jeries was asked to step down as yonkers republican you have any
    idea who made that request..and that was years ago

  6. If he had indeed stepped down back then, the Democrats would have picked him and put him on the payroll as an operative, just like they did by accepting and nominating the former Republican Spano. I don’t think any of them have any definitive political convictions.

  7. there was no victory celebration for Mike Edelman to attend, in honor of Sandy Annabi and Big Z. it’s always enjoyable to watch guys like Mike Spano appear on television talking about corruption as if it’s some abstract problem. Spano admitted in trial he was a target himself. What this trial showed me is a much bigger case coming to a town near you very soon. Mangone was used in this trial to test the waters on lesser criminals, to see how he would appear in front of a jury & to see if a jury finds him credible, a jury of 12 found Anthony Mangone extremely credible. You can bet a much bigger corruption case is right around the corner, probably Spano again, and more Leibell corruption. After all there was 25 years of it. fellow politicans should hold their heads in shame, other politicians no doubt were aware of corruption but decided holding onto their job was more important than reporting corruption. another group who needs to really question themselves is local prosecutors and police. This went on in broad daylight for a long time, nothing stopped them from opening an investigation. What are they even there for if they can’t protect us from corrupt politicians?

  8. YOU miss the point on

    “They obviously checked on the issue of credibility because they asked for Mangone’s testimony and Jereis’ testimony. They obviously found that they believed Mangone.”

    Q: Why did Annabi originally oppose the project if her vote was already bought all along? A: Holding out for more money maybe? Maybe she loved all this cash and gifts coming in and saw an easy mark in FCR? Maybe for cover, to be used later as a smokescreen?

    Q: How about the 1200% increase in phone calls between Annabi and her benefactor in the days before the July 11, 2006 vote?
    A: no explanation for that, except Z was “convincing” her to “change” her vote.

    Q: why did Annabi panic when she learned the feds had demanded all the paperwork of this deal in March 2007? That’s the real killer. One councilman said: “good, I hope the FBI finds what it’s looking for for”. But Ms. Annabi? “This is very disturbing. I dont know what they could be looking at. I didnt do anything wrong. I dont know why they’re looking at this development. I’m going to call the city council lawyer to see what the FBI is looking for”.
    A: compare the two reactions, and tell us which person seems innocent, and which person acts guilty.

    Q: why did Annabi go on this wild spending spree right after the vote? Did she hit lotto?
    A: apparently she did!

  9. law school 101 on

    edelman has zero relationship with annabi and fact he was the first to publicly
    call for the removal of jeries as yonkers city republican leader..your attempt to somehow
    link him with them as the result of his legal analysis of a criminal trial is symptomatic
    of what is wrong with these blogs…people make anonymous allegations of corruption
    and collusions based on wishful thinking and vendetta’s The US attorney is doing a great
    job of weeding out municipal corruption and that’s a good thing …but the question of
    whether or not a circumstantial criminal case can support a verdict of guilty is not
    one of whom you like or dislike…answer one question…if jeries paid 195,000 to own
    annabi’s vote..why didn’t she simply vote yes in the first place..why oppose it at all.
    that one vote by her againt the development will deprive her of her freedom for years
    had she supported the development in the first place or had their not been a super majority
    vote required by the council there would have been no allegation of a vote sale in the
    ridge hill part of the case…Mileo is different in lots of ways including the testimony
    that money actually was specifically paid for in return for a vote change..but if jeries
    owned her vote why did any one else have to pay for it…you can’t asnwer these questions
    because something else happened here and we don’t know what it was

  10. Law School Law Review on

    101 seem to be the most advanced courses that law school 101 attended. He reasons like a middle schooler.

  11. law school 101 on

    its basic for you because you don’t seem to understand any of it from a legal perspective but
    that doesn’t stop you from having a legal many times did you fail the bar exam?

  12. Law School Review on

    The jury has spoken. This is the reality. “Legal perspectives” are for amateur legal poseurs to discuss over cocktails at the club. As far as failing the bar numerous times, ask John John Kennedy. He did. I didn’t.

  13. YOU miss the point on

    Mr. Edelman needs to read his own comments to the Journal News. Foolish comments, Mike. And calling for Jeries removal as chair, and exposing widespread corruption in westchester/putnam is quite another. But that in a nutshell sums up your character: “you miss the point”. “you don’t understand”. The major knock on you Mike is that your opinion can be bought and paid for, and you don’t check your facts before opening your mouth. You just recently got in trouble for it up in Putnam County and hopefully you learned from that but obviously not.

  14. YOU miss the point on

    And sorry I didn’t answer your question even though if you read my first statement more carefully, you would have your answer.

    Your question is…….if Annabi’s vote was bought all along, why did she originally oppose the project? And you claim if she would’ve supported the project from the beginning, she never would’ve raised suspicion and therefore never would’ve been indicted.

    From a common sense point, I think Annabi originally opposed Ridge Hill to give her cover, as a smokescreen, to pretend she was being open minded. She could always later claim the developer made the necessary concessions, which is exactly the excuse she fell back on. As far as she wouldnt have been indicted, that’s impossible. There was such a trail of garbage on these people, and mangone would’ve been busted on something eventually, and being a lawyer, he would’ve ratted everybody out immediately, so she would’ve gotten caught eventually. I think the jury saw right through her smokescreen. I would agree on one point: there is a lot we don’t know, but I would guarantee we’re going to be learning a lot more real soon.

  15. law school 102 on

    your theory is quite interesting but i don’t give annabi that kind of credit for being
    able to forsee in advance that her vote would be only became important
    after the county interceded and objected to the project and acourt ruled that a super majority
    was needed..she would have to have been a clarevoyant to have been able to predict that
    because the project would have passed without her support if just a majority was needed..
    she is simply not that bright…unless you know something that everyone else doesn’t..i don’t
    doubt that there may have been vote buying…i just don’t think that the evidence supports
    the conclusion that jeries gave her a specific amount in return for the vote on ridge hill..
    and the judge appears to agree with that legal conclusion..the jury of course found otherwise
    but we should all wait until the motion to set aside the verdict is decided…and legal perspectives
    are for anyone with a law degree who is asked to comment…its done all the time on cases
    where testimony is public…criminal and civil…its a discussion that the jury does not see
    because they are instructed not to read or listen to anything about the case…and in this
    case your opinion of foolish is your opinion …when a reporter asks for an opinion a commentator
    is entitled to give one…period

  16. Law School Review on

    Law School 101 has newly enrolled as Law School 102. Not much progress. When he becomes Law School 201, we will take (slight) notice.

  17. YOU miss the point on

    you don’t give Annabi “that kind of credit”? This is a vulture who snagged $174,000 worth of “credit” from Jeries. That sounds like someone who knows the score and knows the players and knows EXACTLY what she is doing. Jereis claims to have spent more money courting Annabi than Kris Humphries spent on Kim Kardashian for Pete’s sake. Mangone AND the Milio’s would have to had made up the whole bribery scheme, unlikely. While Mangone is certainly a dirtbag, he was a top player for years in the Westchester political scene, and Spano’s right-hand thug. If he’s such a dirtbag, how did he get that close to all these so-called important people? Maybe because they’re dirtbags themselves?