ICYMI: Greg Ball behind “KrazyyKatz” website, videos


ICYMI: An anonymous website labeling Assemblyman Steve Katz as an “illegal alien coddler” and telling visitors to “beware” of him was developed by Sen. Greg Ball, according to domain registry records.

The website? KrazyyKatz.com — yes, with a K and two Y’s.

From today’s Gannett newspapers:

KrazyyKatz.com was registered by Ball on March 4, less than a week before Katz officially announced he would challenge Ball in a Republican primary for his Senate seat in the mid-to-lower Hudson Valley.

The website prominently features a pair of anonymous pro-Ball YouTube videos denouncing Katz: one detailing the thorny history between the one-time political allies, and the other poking fun at a public-access television interview in which Katz admitted to a pair of bizarre arrests in his past.

When questioned about the website, Ball campaign manager Jim Coleman issued a statement taking credit for the videos. Before the website launched, the videos had been distributed to members of the media late last month and early this month through an anonymous email account, krazyykatz@gmail.com.

But Coleman said an anonymous robocall that had been circulated in Westchester and Putnam counties in late February “was not done as a Ball for Senate call.” The call had alleged that Katz had a “criminal past” that he was trying to cover up.

“Conversely, the videos are indeed ours, they are hilarious, and there will be more,” Coleman said in his statement. “Dr Do-Liberal (Katz) keeps giving us so much material with his liberal votes, broken promises and more, that there have to be more.”


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  1. This guy, Coleman, is such a crumb. And the senator is even worse. Disgrace for any voter to consider casting a vote for this creep.

  2. How appropriate that Ball, after all the accusations against him by women over the years, would choose the most blatantly sexist domain registrar, GoDaddy.com.

    GoDaddy’s Superbowl commercials, which Ball’s domain fees help fund, are nothing but T&A, and extremely insulting to women, and any man with an IQ over 50.

  3. Colman is Balls Campaign Manager…Is he also Ball’s chief of Staff on State payroll? Doing campaigning while paid by taxpayers….

  4. Westchester Resident on

    Both Katz & Ball are a disservice to the residents of the State of New York and their local home towns. Katz has done nothing in his few months as an Assembly Member and has NO PROVEN track record. Ball is just a train wreck as a Senator and it’s unfortunate how stupid the constituents of this area are to vote both of these two men into office. Just recently, days before election day they were all buddy buddy standing on the streets in Yorktown telling everyone they were creating jobs and pontificating other nonsense which never happened.

    Republican part is an embarrassing joke….look at your local elected officials folks.

  5. Once again Mr. Ball has proven that he doesn’t know how to play nicely with others. It’s like he lives in a bubble, doing as he pleases and climbing up the political ladder by kissing up to everyone who can help him along the way.

    We pay him and his staff to continue to produce propaganda that makes him look good to voters who can’t see through the thin veil. It’s like the Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain folks. He’s not the powerful person, Oz is.

  6. Tom Testes: The Women Against Ball group was proven to be one MAN, Vinny Leibell. You’re still with that?