Sean Patrick Maloney joins race against Hayworth


A former candidate for attorney general who once worked for Gov. Eliot Spitzer and whose political roots go back to the Clinton White House joins the group of Democrats who are vying to take on Rep. Dr. Nan Hayworth, R-Mount Kisco.

Maloney sent out a fundraising email yesterday announcing his plans.

“I am running for the United States Congress in 2012 against Tea Party favorite Nan Hayworth in the brand new NY-18 District.  You believed in me and helped me in my first race for public office several years ago, proving that we have the organizational and fundraising strength necessary to take up this fight – and win.  If you still believe in me, and you believe, like I do, that we must have new leadership in Congress, than I need your help again – and right away,” he wrote.

He owns a (summer) home in Sullivan County and apparently Manhattan, neither of which is in proposed renditions of the new Congressional District, which will be the 18th. That didn’t escape the notice of the campaign of Wappingers Falls Mayor Matt Alexander, who lives in the current 19th as well as the redrawn district.

“Sean Patrick Maloney doesn’t live in the 18th District, has never represented the people of the 18th District, and has no rationale for running in the 18th District. The working families of Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Middletown and the lower Hudson Valley deserve a representative who knows their communities and who has experienced the challenges facing the district first-hand.  Mayor Matt Alexander is that candidate, with a proven record of fighting for the people and values of the Hudson Valley.  The district’s families don’t need another Manhattan Democrat propelled by ambition and money to fly into their district with a cape, with no knowledge of its people or the unique problems they face,” Alexander’s campaign manager TJ Helmstetter said.

said in a statement. “Furthermore, the voters of this district deserve a candidate who will take on Nan Hayworth’s corporations-first mentality and put the people in this community first. And frankly, a Wall Street Democrat will not be able to draw the necessary contrasts with Nan Hayworth to win. Matt Alexander is the right candidate to run and win in the 18th district.”

A lawyer, Maloney ran for attorney general in 2006.

He is the sixth candidate to announce a desire to take on Hayworth. The other four are Dr. Rich Becker, a Cortlandt Town Board member who has vowed to move if his home is outside the 18th; Tom Wilson, mayor of Tuxedo Park in Orange County, Duane Jackson, the Times Square vendor from Buchanan who helped thwart a car-bomb attack in 2010 and Anne Jacobs Moultrie, a registered nurse and union leader from Orange County.


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  1. Jeanne Nelson on

    It’s perplexing to me why someone with Mr. Maloney’s background — or lack of it with respect to District 18 — would want to jump into a race just before the primary unless he is merely looking for a slot in which to further his political career. This contrasts sharply with some of the other candidates, notably Dr. Richard Becker, a long-time resident of the former District 19, Nan Hayworth’s former district, who declared his candidacy to run against Representative Hayworth last summer. Richard Becker is a long-time resident of the area, established his medical practice here, sits on the town board, and has helped the area residents in matters of healthcare, energy and the economy. His achievements on behalf of area residents, and beyond, are many and he spoke out early against Representative Hayworth’s bad policies, wrong-headed votes and inaction on behalf of the District. Mr. Maloney’s late entry strikes me as an after-thought, as though he has been assessing the best place for him to jump in, to find a race to run in — any race as long as it looks promising.

    This is not a game; lives and livelihood are at stake. This election is very important to the voters of District 18, and they want a serious candidate who knows the area, the issues and, most importantly, the people. In my view, there is one candidate equipped to go toe to toe with Nan Hayworth on the issues facing District 18, one candidate who understands what needs to be done for District 18 when he gets to the House of Representatives and one candidate who will remember why he was sent to Washington, and that’s Richard Becker. What we don’t need is someone representing District 18 in Washington who is there for his own ends and not the benefit of the people who elected him. We’ve already been down that road; let’s not go there again.