Pension Backlash: CSEA To Suspend All Political Contributions


CSEA, the state’s largest public-employees union, said today it will suspend all political endorsements and contributions after the state Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo approved a less generous pension tier for new workers last week.

“This unprecedented action is a direct result of the political deal between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state legislative leadership, Senate Republicans and Assembly Democrats, trading the future retirement security of working New Yorkers for legislative redistricting lines,” said CSEA president Danny Donahue in a statement.

“This action is necessary to give our union the opportunity to re-evaluate our political relationships and make judgments about the criteria we use in determining who has earned and deserves our support. It is also important to consider how our support is valued.”

CSEA represents 265,000 union members in New York.

CSEA said it would work with other unions “about how we can collectively address the disrespect and disenfranchisement of working people by our state’s elected officials.”

CSEA suggested that the Legislature agreed to the new pension tier, which Cuomo estimates will save state and local governments $80 billion over 30 years, so Cuomo wouldn’t veto new legislative lines.

“New Yorkers should understand that lawmakers’ actions did not result from meaningful debate and good judgment – it resulted from political expediency – and it will have harmful consequences to people and communities now and for a long time to come,” Donohue said in a statement.


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  1. just the facts on

    give me a break..the new tier doesn’t affect the present pension system which in and of itself
    is unsustainable..the problem is that the governor didn’t modify the way pensions are now
    calculated..and the amount of health care contributions now being made and on and on
    eventually as meredith witney has pointed out there will be multiple defaults and then
    under chapter 9 of the bankruptcy code these contracts will be redrawn and the abuses

  2. The average pension is $19,000…hardly a rich man’s treasure and NOT worthy of all the HATE and LIES aimed and dumped on middle class taxpayers by Cuomo and the right wing hate machine out there.

    The lies that the pension fund is “unsustainable” is BOGUS and part of the campaign to steer funds into 401K plans managed by Wall St firms and Insurance firms who will be collecting fees to manage the new 401K plans AND will also be donating big bucks to the PAC funds to benefit Cuomo

    The middle class taxpayer is being lied to every day and Cuomo is the worst !

  3. unsustainable? But our country can “sustain” lawyers committing insurance fraud on every single case involving personal injury, insurance claims, or virtually every other type of lawsuit where the lawyer knows the insurance company is footing the bill. That “helps” the economy? A guy slips and falls, gets hurt, files a lawsuit. Insurance company for the property dfednds the suit. The lawyer who the insurance company hires files a motion, then another motion, then another motion, then another motion, then another motion, then they conduct a hearing, then file another motion, and another motion……THEN, and ONLY then, when the lawyer realizes he’s milked this cow as far as he can milk him, and the cow is dry, the lawyer calls the plaintiff and offers a settlement, often times far less than what the lawyer for the insurance company got paid. And why doesn’t the plaintiff’s attorney stop him from filing all these bogus motions? Because he knows when it comes time for settlement, when the insurance lawyer offers a money number, if the plaintiff lawyer cooperates with all these bogus motions and keeps his mouth shut, the insurance lawyer will authorize a higher settlement. The insurance company gets bankrupted, the public gets fleeced, the government gets bankrupted, yet the lawyer gets rich. This goes on in virtually every case.


    This is just an example. I would like to hear any lawyer deny this is what goes on. And who’s going to stop them? How many state senators and assemblymen are lawyers themselves, making these laws? How about a new tier for lawyers? No more insurance fraud. Then we can start on doctors. Go to a doctor’s office. Your coat isn’t even off and they’re telling you, “Let’s take some x-rays, some blood work, and for good measure, I think you need to give a urine sample. Oh, what are you here for again”? Doctors milk the same cow. Yet the measley pensions, that’s what’s killing this country, right? Pensions? Forty-three percent of pensions are funded by profits from investments, so you guys don’t even know what you’re complaining about. Straighten out this crime about lawyers& doctors first, then talk about pensions!

  4. Nobody is complaining, Get Real, about reasonable pensions, no one. And you know it. Your true agenda lies (literally and figuratively,) elsewhere.

  5. law school 201 on

    your legal analogy is garbage…plaintiff”s lawyers have no interest in prolonging any
    case…and insurance companies for the most part have in house counsel that they pay
    salaries to and who don’t bill on an hourly basis…if someone slips and falls…and gets seriously
    injured because a property owner failed in his duty to maintain his property you bet there
    will be a lawsuit..its call tort law and it involves very old english common law theories
    on personal for the pensions…any worker who stuff overtime in the last
    year of his contract and ends up retiring on twice as much as his salary is in effect stealing
    from the taxpayers…unfortunately these provisions were put in the contracts by polticians
    on both sides of the aisle in order to curry favor with the unions so they could get financial
    help and other help to get re elected.that is what is unsustainable..and remember if
    an insurance company believes that the injury was not caused by their clients negligence
    they can always go to trial…..where people who pay premiums sit in judgment on the case..
    how dare you suggest that the legal system and a tort lawyer are stealing when in fact
    the stealing has been demonstrated by all the six figure pension retirees listed in the JN

  6. every lawyer involved in a personal injury case commits insurance fraud, on a scale so far past the pension issue it’s not even a legitimate complaint. You seem have to jumped on this ludicrous “pensions are killing us” bandwagon. When a municipal worker was making peanuts, and lawyers were making $350 per hour, all was fine, right? And most insurance companies DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT, have house counsel. They have to hire outside counsel. Look at Putnam County….we have our own law department, and still had to hire outside theiving lawyers. $450,000 , but part went to Leibell…another lawyer!

  7. Sweet and Direct on

    You’re both half correct. Outrageous public pensions are killing us; and tort reform is long overdue in this state. Shel Silver (who, it’s said, personally benefits to the tune of 1 million a year) has, and continues to singlehandedly keep this profanity alive.

  8. just the facts on

    pension your statement that every lawyer involved in a personal injury case commits fraud
    is libelous..and its just plain are trying to compare apples to oranges because
    1. you clearly don’t understand either of the issues and 2. you have a problem with tort
    lawyers..what insurance company counsel gets 350 dollars an hour? name them…they get
    nothing of the sort…when a plaintiff’s attorney takes a case the client pays nothing…
    the case is carried by the plaintiff;s firm win or lose..and plenty of them are lost or dismissed
    after trial…what would you suggest as a substitute when your wife has the kids in the car
    and gets rear ended by some hot roder on his cell phone..what would you suggest when
    a construction worker falls off a scaffold and is crippled for life..what would you suggest for
    all those who responded to 9/11 at the towers and are no suffering from toxins like mercury
    and their blood and lungs..clearly your education is totally lacking and all you can
    do is repeat the mantra “thieving lawyers” and by the way its i before e..except after c..
    go back to school and learn about negligence and its consequences…but don’t get side swiped
    by a drunken driver on the way because then you will be the first one to call a “theiving’ lawyer