Rosen To Drop Out Of Congressional Race; Carvin To Run


Mark Rosen, who had announced plans to run for Congress against Rep. Nita Lowey, will drop out of the race tomorrow, GOP officials said.

Rosen just announced he will hold a news conference tomorrow at 9 a.m. to “make an important campaign announcement.”

Rosen’s move will open the door for Rye Supervisor Joe Carvin to run for the seat. Rockland County GOP chairman Vinny Reda said he has been informed of Rosen’s intention to drop out of the race and Carvin’s plans to run.

“Joe Carvin is definitely in,” Reda said.

In fact — hint, hint — Rosen’s announcement notes: “Also joining Mr. Rosen will be Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin and others.”

Rosen, who had a brief run for Congress against Lowey in 2010, did not return calls seeking comment yesterday and this morning.

Rosen was essentially redistricted out of the race. He lives in Larchmont, Westchester County, which moves into Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel’s district.

Lowey, D-Harrison, is getting all of Rockland County, which Engel had mostly represented, as well as his Bronx hometown.

Carvin dropped out of the U.S. Senate race last week amid a crowded field.

Another Republican is in the mix against Lowey, who announced her plans to run for re-election yesterday when the district lines were finalized. Clarkstown Councilman Frank Borelli plans to run for the seat.

The Westchester and Rockland county committees are holding a joint convention March 27 to pick its candidates for Congress.


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  1. “The Westchester and Rockland county committees are holding a joint convention March 27 to pick its candidates for Congress.” This last sentence is confusing to me because I read elsewhere that the convention is March 26 at the Casa Mia Manor Resturant in Blauvelt. Has Mr. Reda pulled another fast one and changed the date to confuse and disenfranchise those who would not vote his way? This article does not say where this convention is being held.

  2. I love the redistricting, it really makes a lot of sense. Just when voters realize it is time to dump a candidate who, because of their (Toooooo) long term in office are the problem, NITA LOWEY (WHO GOTTA GOEY) their district changes. Just to keep them in power. Many of their new constituents, not knowing their history are sucked in by their record (ha what record?). Redistricting, is a farce. Logically, one of the solutions to our problems is to oust politicians like LOWEY, who are and will continue to be the PROBLEM. It only makes sense that to achieve change we must NOT elect long standing politicians, who do not stand with what the majority of US believe in. And who only stand with the special interest group. These politicians lie to our face, and undermine us behind our backs. Nita “THE PROBLEM” Lowey must GOEY.