Latimer: If I Win, I’ll Join The Democratic Conference


Assemblyman George Latimer, a Rye Democrat who launched a bid for the state Senate earlier this week, has no interest in joining the upper chamber’s breakaway Democratic caucus, he said in a phone interview this week.

Latimer, who’s looking to succeed retiring Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer of Mamaroneck, said he’s committed to joining the Senate’s main Democratic caucus if he were to win at the ballot box in November.

Last year, four Democrats broke away from the main caucus to form the Independent Democratic Conference. That includes two senators who represent parts of the lower Hudson Valley — Sens. Jeff Klein, D-Bronx, and David Carlucci, D-Clarkstown, Rockland County.

“I intend to be a member of the Democratic conference,” Latimer said. “My hope would be at the leadership level of the conference, the conference and the IDC people will sit down and say, ‘Look, we’ve got some difficulties between us, but we have more in common if we work together.'”

Latimer said he hopes the differences between the main caucus and the breakaway set of Democrats could be resolved next year, a sentiment several members of the main conference have conveyed.

“Whatever happened in this session happened in this session, and I would hope — and it’s a hope — that this can get resolved in the next one,” Latimer said.

Every state lawmaker is on the ballot this year, and control of the Senate is on the line. Republicans currently hold a 32-29 majority (with a special election in Brooklyn too close to call, but leaning in the GOP’s favor.)

There are already two Republican candidates for the Oppenheimer seat: New Rochelle businessman Bob Cohen, and Diane DiDonato-Roth, a North Castle councilwoman and realtor.


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  1. the consultant on

    take a look at the special election in brooklyn..the republicans won a heavily democratic
    district…that is a portent of things to come …Lattimer is a democrat who won’t take on’
    the unions and their overtime scams..and won’t take on their failure to contribute to their
    own health care…because shelly silver tells him what to do…the new york state senate needs
    to remain republican because all the rest of the state is now controlled by the democrats
    all five state wide offices..and the party rule is always a bad idea..and that
    is why its so important to make sure westchester sends bob cohen to the senate

  2. This isn’t news. Latimer hasn’t made an independent vote or possessed an independent thought in his decades long political career. If (god forbid) he were elected, he would do whatever he was told to do by Sheldon Silver. The interests of his constituents would take a distant third place to his own political ambition and his allegiance to the liberal left of New York State Politics.

  3. Smartporpoise) on

    Some day Sheldon Silver will pass on and everyone will be left to wonder how this self-promoting, tort wealthy, take- the- money -and -smile stick insect ever (leglally?) reaped such a fortune and such over-reaching power. Problem is, all the wackos in the Democrat Assembly who now rapidly go from illiterate dimwits to millionaires upon their fixed endorsements and elections, will become even more like Wild West outlaws than ever. And too many Republicans have also learned well how to play this nefarious game.

  4. Smartporpoise) on

    And, although he also marches to Silver’s flute, I don’t include Latimer in the later part of this evaluation. However, by not standing up independently, he contributes to the deplorable dysfunction.

  5. so it’s unanimous. The usual GOP bloggers are in agreement that Latimer’s no good. One leeeetle problem: he did a superb job as BOL chair, and he is beloved in his Assm District. Just keep on dissin Grassroots George all year long. This race ain’t decided in A lbany, or in the Republican blogosphere. Just watch.