Westchester contract board meeting canceled; judge issues TRO


The Westchester County Board of Acquisition and Contract meeting was canceled this morning after a Westchester Supreme Court judge issued a temporary restraining order in a court challenge to the membership of the board.

The three Democratic leaders of the Westchester Board of Legislators asked for a restraining order and injunction against County Executive Rob Astorino to stop Public Works Commissioner Jay Pisco from sitting on the board. The Board of Legislators voted in November to change the composition of the contracts board by removing the DPW commissioner and adding the county budget director.

But the Astorino administration maintained that the change was not valid until approved by the public in a referendum.

The delay in the meeting affects a long list of contracts from concerts at Playland to a youth program at the Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester. The judge has asked the lawyers to submit briefs on the issues next week and has set the next court date for April 9.


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  1. Net, net: What the Dems on the Board really want is to have a large hand in doling out the taxpayers’ bucks to whomever they find friendly so that they can reap the usual large campaign donations concomitant.

  2. Fully Functioning Cortex on

    Time for Astorino to start obeying the law. Taxpayers won’t tolerate a shadow government deciding how to spend millions of dollars behind closed doors.

  3. Prefrontal Lobe on

    Your cognitive mistake is in not understanding that it IS the law, as it now stands.

  4. Here is an interesting question…how does a judge that only has a criminal background as an attorney and serves on the county court with mostly a criminal docket and who is also the former chair of the Scarsdale Democrat Party get selected to be the judge on this case. It does not appear that Astorino ever had a chance.

  5. Prefronal Lobe on

    And, you are correct, Mr. Jackson. What the public often fails to understand is that judges, especially on the local and State Supreme Court level are predominantly nothing more than political ideologues who owe their careers and livelihoods to party bosses.

  6. Lobe & Jackson – At least the judge has a background in practicing law. Unlike the County Attorney who is a politician.