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A photo of state Sen. Greg Ball sans pants but apparently wearing shorts is being compared to the Anthony Weiner scandal by the website of the recently departed conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart. But it’s nothing more than Ball, a Putnam County Republican, getting ready for a costumed fundraising event.

The photo comes from Ball’s own Twitter account and was taken last weekend as he prepared to participate in a fundraiser at the Mid Hudson Children’s Museum in Poughkeepsie, where local notables competed as celebrity waiters. Ball, according to his office, took home the prize for the “smoothest legs.”

“This is a great organization and a worthy cause,” Ball said in a statement. “I was proud to accept the invitation to take part in this fun event!”

Ball’s office put out a press release last night about the event, shortly after a write-up and the photo appeared on the Breitbart site. The shorts are visible in a second photo.

Other “celebrity” waiters included former NFL Giant Sean Landeta, Dutchess County Sheriff Butch Anderson and Undersheriff Kirk Imperati.


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  1. westchester guy on

    The concern is that Greg Ball tweeted the pic himself. Inappropriate. he is a disgrace to the office he holds.

  2. just the facts on

    there is nothing salacious about a post in shorts..its the same as a post in a bathing
    suit…what nonsense..what anthony weiner did was totally different..he did it with the
    specific intent to lure a woman by displaying his body and more…if you recall the weiner
    episode went way beyond shorts…get off the personal gotcha stuff and get on with the
    policy issues

  3. This was Greg Ball doing the right thing for the right reasons, he was serving along with other elected officials as a waiter in a costume. Good job Senator Ball, we need more people like you who are willing to help the needy and have a little laugh while doing it.

  4. Come on folks, lighten up, the Senator was wearing a costume for a charity event – so lets now follow everyone on halloween and take pictures of them in their costumes and portray them as freaks.