Libous Denies “Quid Pro Quo” With Westchester Law Firm


Senate Deputy Majority Leader Thomas Libous held a news conference today in his hometown of Binghamton to deny any abuse of power after a witness in a Yonkers corruption case said Libous used his influence to get his son a job at a Westchester law firm.

“There was no quid pro quo arrangement with the law firm,” Libous said in a statement. “I made no promises and nothing transpired between me or my office and the firm.”

Gannett’s Press & Sun-Bulletin got the statement and audio of Libous talking at the news conference.

On Thursday, former Yonkers councilwoman Sandy Annabi and her cousin, former Yonkers Republican chairman Zehy Jereis, were found guilty in a federal corruption trial.

During the trial, disbarred attorney Anthony Mangone alleged that Libous, a Republican, promised to get extra work for Mangone’s politically-connected Westchester  law firm several years ago in return for a $150,000-a-year job for Libous’ son, Matthew.

The senator had refused to comment on the allegations until the trial was concluded.

In his statement, Libous said he “wants to set the record straight” and that “absolutely nothing wrong happened here.”

He said his political rivals have tried to take advantage of the situation. Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan, a Democrat who may challenge Libous, called for an ethics investigation after Mangone’s testimony.

Libous statement


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  1. It is going to be an issue in Tom’s re-election campaign plain and simple.

    Plus I am not sure the “Feds” are threw with it, they need a few more Republican scalps to go along with all the Democ”RAT”ic scalps they already have and the “ONES” that are on the way.

    April is going to be a busy month for the “FEDS” I see a number of indictments coming down the road.

    Before there was the “Oracle of Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    Power to the People who “VOTE”

  2. Sherlock Watson on

    It might be interesting in the extreme to find out where his son works now and how it all came about.

  3. Well! I have been trying my best to land in a (any Law Firm) since moving to the US coming from a Family of Three Generations of Constitutionalists….And, such news and their habitual and pattern denials really make me laugh!
    It’s not transparancy, its Abuse of Position and Nothing Will Happen Prevailing Attitudes in NY!

    There are still people in my County who started Gillibrand in a Former State Senators Office as am Intern….and have made Head of County! 5 times! A few weeks ago the (probably who I feel to be a Liasion of Foreigners) who keeps them updated about their Country by frequently traveling to their Homeland) and apparently was presumed to be a American Representative in US ( United States) Congresses withdrew $60,000 Retainers that “he”gave a Westchester Law Firm to “lobbying something unconstitutional-the Redistricting!”
    And, its so amazing that We The People keep drinking and dancing!

    Later, it was revealed that “Law Firm” had $16 Millions of Similar Contracts”

    Why? Let’s ask The DOJ to findings!…
    America must know! This “Who Knows Who” doings!
    Particularly, if any one has The Oath of Public Trust!

    What do you think?

    HABIBHASAN-An American Stoeyteller

  4. What is “DemoRAT… ” …! VJ ?
    But! What happened to the JFK’s Democratic Party?…Did something happened to the Party after The Rats Pushed Nixon!….down the drain! But many became pretty famous…One Rat said: “why does America Needs a Foreign Policy! May be he was passed on Monica in the Oval Office!

    Well! Only George Washington knew what the “factions” at the get go will do to the COUNTRY and Americans!…Just! Read the Latest time what was (not suppossed to be aired) got out on the Microphones!

    If “we are running our country based on “this is my election year” philosophy! And later offering “concessions” to t Vodca! God Help Us and Our Country!

    …and judging others? ( doesn’t matter wearing any type of hat! )
    What is Offensive To My Country’s Constitution is Offensive To Me! Where is the Respect For The Republic ?
    HABIBHASAN-An American Stoeyteller

  5. there were no promises? Maybe not a written contract, but the understanding is you hire the Senator’s son, and the senator gets you contracts. Mangone even went as far as to say Libous told the firm to bill the extra $50K to a consulting firm in Putnam county, not coincidentally run by disgrace of disgraces Vinny leibell. it’s neat how everything just sort of fits into place and how every one of these dirtbags is connected is some way. if Mangone said this publicly then you can bet putnam co. is next on the hit list.

  6. Thank you very much Mr.G! for highlighting “the dots of connections” I am sure the Prosecution must have tried to put a Case and the Investigation must have seen what you are writing;but it may not have been their call, but the “Red Telephone”. Here! It makes The Constitutionalist to say “….Mr.Gorbachev! Tear Down That Red Color of Telephone (Joke)!

    God Bless America!
    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller