Greg Ball Gains GOP Nod In Senate Primary


State Sen. Greg Ball coasted to a victory in the bid for the Republican nod in the race for the Senate district he currently holds, easily besting Assemblyman Steve Katz, his primary opponent.

According to Ball’s office, he picked up about 71 percent of the delegates’ votes last night in a joint convention held by the Westchester, Dutchess and Putnam County GOP committees Monday night.

The institutional support represents a first for the Putman Putnam County Republican, who picked up the 40th Senate District in 2010 without the support of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, who backed Somers Town Supervisor Mary Ann Beth Murphy in a primary against Ball.

In a statement, Ball called on Katz, of Yorktown, to drop out of the race so the party can coalesce behind him. The two men were once close allies, but their relationship turned sour at some point over the past 15 months.

“We have always enjoyed strong grassroots support and I am now proud to merge that grassroots machine with institutional support. It’s now time for the party to come together, for the Assemblyman to focus on maintaining his solid Republican seat, and for all of us, as elected officials to come together to continue to work for, and deliver for the taxpayers,” Ball said in a statement.


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  1. Hopefully Steve Katz got the message last night and decides to move on and run for reelection in the NYS Assembly. Katz may have created a problem for himself, he now understands that he is not as popular as he thought and he also created a problem by encouraging others to seek his Assembly seat. The sooner Steve Katz decides to announce his reelection run the better, he needs to send a message to those who wish to run for his seat know that he is seeking reelection.

  2. You couldn’t find two of the worst buffoons to represent the area. Months ago they were standing on vacant land right before election day, hand and hand announcing they were creating jobs. These two are a joke and an Embarrassment to the residents of Westchester. Neither Ball or Katz are qualified to have these positions. Yorktown voters you need to do better!

  3. I hear Katz will be announcing shortly that he will be seeking reelection to the NYS Assembly.

  4. Not for Nothing on

    Inefficient as they are, these two are vastly preferable to any disastrous Democrat alternative.

  5. Oh yes…New York needs a state legislature like TEXAS! like OKLAHOMA! like MISSISSIPPI! like UTAH! like ALASKA! like IDAHO! Nice and extreeeeeemly conservative.

  6. looks like the buffoons in southeast now realize they are truly buffoons. Backing Katz was a stupid idea. face it: Leibell is dead, Stephens is finished, and Greg Ball is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the Hudson Valley.

  7. call him whatever names you want because that’s all you can do. Greg Ball has won every race he’s entered, and he’s had to go against Vinny Leibell’s $350,000 attacks against him in 2008, Women Against Ball, stalker, drinker, whatever else. But calling Ball names is all you can do. Greg Ball is the heavy weight champion of the Valley. Leibell’s last holdout, the town of southeast, is still reeling from the back to back beatings Ball gave them in 2006 and 2008.

  8. we are all rhinos now on

    the coup d’etat failed…in ancient times that would require the failed attempt to be punished
    by a beheading…katz should have understood in advance he would lose…his inability
    to recognize that he did not have the votes is indicative of the fact that he is and always
    will be ineffective as a legislator…particularly in the assembly..the tea party has risen
    and fallen…and here in new york state its support is irrlevant to winning…nan hayworth
    will get a taste of that in the general election no matter who comes out of the democratic
    primary…gillibrand will trounce the republican nominee and the consequences will reverberate
    in the newly formed congressional districts regardless of who now occupies the seat..greg
    ball however will coast to re-election…

  9. too bad we’re not in ancient times. The real blame here belongs to the buffoons in Southeast who convinced Katz he had a chance to beat Greg Ball. Katz never had a chance. Anyone who wants to succeed in politics better get behind Ball.
    Katz, on the other hand, is much weaker today than he was a month ago. There’s still time for anyone thinking of jumping into the Assembly race to get the nod at convention, but certainly to beat Katz in a primary this september.

  10. we are all rhinos now on

    the seat is irrelevent…katz doesn’t want it because he can do nothing and get nothing
    passed….if he was really smart he would simply go back to helping the animals in
    distress..that is his calling..politics is not

  11. putnam needs borkowski now on

    Southeast is anti Ball because Ball brought our town Yee and Rights. Thanks Greg!

  12. Ball brought no one to Southeast. Rights and Yee were elected by Southeast residents. Southeast buffoons ran Lorraine Mitts. Mitt’s barn burned down, and Southeast buffoons blamed Ball. Mitts had a barbie doll with ketchup placed in a bag on her car side mirror, and Southeast buffoons blamed Ball. Mitts had other mysterious events, and always Ball was blamed. The truth about Mitts and the fires (plural) is something much different. Ball was never offered an apology. And Mitts was never prosecuted.

    Whoever runs for assembly will need Ball’s blessing to win, addressing the previous post, borkowski could win, but he’d have to come clean on a lot of things, forsake his buffoon base, and work as hard as Ball. That’s where Katz failed himself. Greg had to drag Katz to events.

    And Southeast? The buffoons brought us Vinny Leibell. Leibell always knew he could count on the buffoons of Southeast to carry out his numerous illegal activities. The Southeast buffoons aren’t upset with Ball because of Rights and Yee, they’re long gone. The buffoons’ anger toward Ball runs a lot deeper. The buffoons never recovered from Ball beating Stephens, then Ball beating Degnan, and Ball becoming the boss without surrenduring to Southeast. Southeast was Leibell’s Playland. Thanks Southeast!

  13. All these guys do is to complain about one another, and a lefty Democrat would be worse. Get something done up there in Albany on rampant theft, special interests, and outrageous mandates that are bankrupting the homeowner!

  14. President Greg Ball on

    He defeated Will Stephens, and John Degnan; Ken Harper and Mike Kaplowitz. Vinny Leibell and Mary Beth Murphy.

    Next up, Nan Hayworth. After 4 more years in Congress, he beats Kirsten Gillibrand. He’s picked to be V.P., and stands one heartbeat away.

    and that heartbeat will have as much a chance as Stephens, Degnan, Harper, Kaplowitz, Leibell, Myrphy, Hayworth and Gillibrand.

    Stephen King foresaw it all in a novel called The Dead Zone. It denotes the rise of a ruthless demogogue in a nuclear age. President Greg Ball.

  15. Greg Ball is a good public speaker most of the time- I’ll give him that…but anyone else notice that almost every week there’s a new member of their communications team?!! I’m sure he’s no picnic to work for! President Greg Ball? That sounds like something someone from his camp wrote.
    The mud slinging is obviously from immature schoolboys who need attention. Why else would you become a politician unless you want attention? Well Greg Ball certainly gets enough attention- mostly bad press lately!
    Who would my state senator be? A nicer version of Ball, not the one we have now.

  16. no such thing as bad press, as Ball has proven. I thought Leibell was so smart? Everything he ever did to Ball totally backfired. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars propping up puppets to beat him, then spent hundreds of thousands more just to attack (The Truth About Ball). Maybe the buffoons in Southeast now realize that Vinny Leibell was using them and manipulating their anger. Every dime spent on Degnan’s campaign went through Ray Maguire’s hands. They used that consulting business as a money tree to siphon money out of several campaign accounts and into their own pockets. Degnan was nothing more than an opportunity for Leibell to make money, unfortunately. And since Leibell controlled most seats of county government, who was going to stop him? Not Mary Ellen Odell certainly. She’s only now speaking up AFTER Leibell went to prison. Why didn’t she oppose Leibell’s senior housing scam while Leibell was scamming us? They’re all the same. And they all oppose Ball, which makes me like him.

  17. Smartporpoise on

    More and more of our “public service” State pols, Republican and Democrat, enter office with a small spark of reform and pocketsful of ideas and ideals, then spend the rest of their lives trying to fill their wallets, all on a 24/7 regimen of raising campaign funds and seeking out deals for themselves. Each personally and inevitably becomes a millionaire, then seeks higher office, preferably in Washington where the REALLY big money is. They inevitably die as multi-millionaires. Some “public service.”

  18. I don’t think it’s right for Steve Katz to now go back to his consolation prize Assembly seat and think he has some special privilege that nobody should be running against him. I’ve heard several names mentioned as possibles, Schmidt, Borkowski, maybe a legislator, and if they want to challenge Katz they should go ahead and do it. Nobody’s seat should be privileged.

  19. Strong rumors that DARIO is very upset with Greg. Appartently he belived BALL when BALL said he would support him for assembly.?

  20. troublemaker on

    an even stronger rumor: “D.G.” is trying to enter the Assembly race for the 99th and starting out his campaign by trying to create trouble between “DARIO” and “BALL”. “BALL” never told “DARIO” he had Ball’s support. Never. “DARIO” would of course welcome “BALL”‘s support but isn’t counting on it.

    Maybe you should try a different rumor. This one failed. Or maybe you should just announce you’re running and stop trying to cause trouble for others.

  21. Troublemaker, troublemaker, troublemaker how wrong you are DARIO was put up by BALL to run against KATZ. I heard that some of BALLS staff were helping DARIO. He can’t hide that. I would like to believe that this did not happen on senate time. With the stuff in DARIOS closet. BALL was smart to back away from DARIO.

  22. troublemaker on

    Ball “backed away” from Dario? Ball is no longer “backing” him, huh? Talk about a rumor that has collpased! Is this your way of admitting you’re wrong? This rumor’s not going to work for your purposes. Why are you trying to make people believe Dario and Ball are a team? Planning your own run for assembly? I’m sure like any candidate, Dario wishes he has Ball’s full support, but truth be told Dario doesn’t have it and has never had it. That’s not a bad thing….just a true statement. And what was in Dario’s closet? His ex-wife got arrested? He divorced her 16 years ago and she kept his name even though she’s been married for 10 years to someone else. If not for his last name, nobody would’ve known it was his ex-wife. What else….pled guilty to disorderly behavior and received a $50 fine? What else…..dui? How many people in this county, by percentage, have at least one time had a few beers or drinks, then got behind the wheel and were never caught? Close to 98% I would guess. If you don’t get arrested for it then that makes you better than him. What else…..his corporation bankruptcy? If the Port Authority would’ve paid that $3 million bill it wouldn’t have happened, and his lawyer recommended he re-organize his corporation. All of this is easily learned on the internet. And I agree with the above post, anyone who wants to run, should.

  23. Who signed the checks for Hudson Valley Trust? on

    How much money has Mary Ellen Odell spent renovating the county executive office?

  24. Why does Ball staff help Dario with Balls support? I heard a rumor that a deal was made that Mary Beth Murphy and Ball would work together so Murphy would get the nomination for Katzs seat.

  25. the real question on

    Why was Mary Ellen Odell on Greg Ball’s payroll till she took office. What kind of deal was made with that. Does Ball owe Odell or does Odell owe Ball. There is something fishy in Putnam County.

  26. ball and odell on

    The money that was spent renovating the county executive office. Is that money BALLS senate money. BALL and ODELL have a close working relationship.

  27. Location location location on

    32 posts about small time politicians from small time Podunk, USA. Half the hayseeds want different leadership from Podunk, half the hayseeds like the leadership from Podunk. Still Podunk.

  28. Who signed the checks for Hudson Valley Trust? on

    Ball and Odell have no working relationship, at all. Greg Ball didn’t even attend the state of the county. Mary Ellen has some nerve, Ball gave her credibility in her run for CE, and he provided protection against Leibell, and he gave her a job when she couldn’t get one, a job with health benefits. Giving the veterans services job to Odell when she served not a day in the military put Ball in a bad spot with vets yet he did it for her, she repays him with disloyalty, I hear Mary Ellen has created a throne-type arrangement in her office, so if you sit down to speak with her, it’s like speaking to a judge. That’s why I asked about cost, I hear over $75K on renovations, I also see she has risen above everyone, she’s very selective now with who she’ll be gracious enough to say hello to, that’s a shame, someone with a HS diploma and no qualifications running a $140 million business developing an attitude, and NOW she’s questioning the senior housing scam from Leibell, that scam goes back to 2001 and prior, nobody spoke up, everyone praised Vinny for his vision and compassion for seniors, I havent heard the Mary Beth Murphy rumor but hurry up and announce before it’s too late, and who signed the checks?

  29. more candidates for the 99thAD on

    more people should be announcing for assembly now that Katz has decided to keep taking bad advice and run for senate.