Cuomo Says He’s Bringing The Transparency To the People


Sure, people could drive to Albany and spend hours reading budget bills as they age before lawmakers adopt them.

But is that really how people — except Capitol reporters, lobbyists, special-interest groups, legislators and other interested parties — want to spend their time?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t think so. Instead, save the time: He’ll come to your town and tell you all about it.

“I don’t know that anyone really would have gone to Albany to read the budget bills, it’s hundreds and hundreds of pages and I don’t think that’s the way government is really supposed to communicate,” Cuomo said in Syracuse today in response to a Quinnipiac poll that found most New Yorkers want a more transparent process.

“For me to say, ‘Well, get in the car, come drive to Albany, sit here for three days and read all the budget bills’, which wouldn’t make sense to anyone anyway. That’s not what government is about, and I don’t believe that’s transparency,” Cuomo said.

So Cuomo says it’s his job to go to the people and discuss with them what’s going on at the Capitol.

“I believe it’s my responsibility, my obligation to go to the people and say, ‘You live your life, you’re busy. Let me come to you and explain to you what I’m doing. That’s how I see my job, and that’s what I’m doing,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo visited Buffalo and Syracuse on Wednesday to tout the budget, which was approved last week. Cuomo said in Buffalo that he will continue to seek more transparency.

“I understand you can always do it better. And our goal is a perfect process and we are working very hard to make it perfect. But while it’s a worthy goal, it’s often unattainable,” he said.


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  1. Smartporpoise on

    There’s a certain populist genius in his new methodology. The leftist Democratic muck a mucks boldly rejected him just a few years ago until they realized that one of his ilk would be enthusiastically elected, and now they’re paying the price. He’s confounded recalcitrant and status-quo politicians by going directly to the people.