NFIB: No Way, No How on Minimum Wage Compromise


A lobbying group representing small businesses didn’t take too kindly to news that the state Retail Council was open to a compromise on hiking the state’s minimum wage, issuing a strongly worded statement that draws a line in the sand on any potential increase.

National Federation of Independent Business state director Mike Durant (pictured) put out the statement Friday after news broke that the retailers’ group was open to an increase, so long as any increase is done gradually over a period of multiple years and not tied to the rate of inflation.

“Of course there a few large companies that won’t be affected by this,” Durant said. “But it’s a killer for the Main Street businesses. It’s a common practice in Albany to negotiate with other people’s money but that’s not our style. This is a fight that needs fighting.”

Durant said the majority of business groups remain against a minimum wage increase. A bill sponsored by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, and Sen. Jeff Klein, D-Bronx, would increase the hourly wage to $8.50 from $7.25 beginning Jan. 1. It would rise with the rate of inflation.

“We’re talking about local businesses. They hire their neighbors, their friends and their own kids. If they could afford to pay more they would,” Durant said. “Raising their costs for the sake of some powerful interests in Albany wouldn’t be smart and it certainly wouldn’t be fair. Most business groups understand that and they’re willing to make a stand.”


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