Cuomo to Veto Pork Spending in Budget


Gov. Andrew Cuomo is set to issue 129 line-item vetoes to the state’s recently passed $132.6 billion state budget, 122 of which will go to axe spending that Cuomo has deemed as new member items within the plan.

In an interview on Talk 1300-AM in Albany this morning, Cuomo said the member-item vetoes add up to about $640,000 in spending. The other seven vetoes will go to correct “technical” errors within the voluminous budget documents, Cuomo said.

An advisory from Cuomo’s office said the pork-barrel spending was added “after executive submission.” He didn’t detail exactly which items he would veto, but his office said a list will be available on the governor’s website later today.

The final budget was passed by lawmakers on March 30, ahead of the state’s fiscal year beginning on April 1. Today is the last day Cuomo can veto any lines within the budget.

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