View Cuomo’s Line-By-Line Pork Vetoes


For your viewing pleasure, here’s a 129-page document containing the 129 lines of the state’s $132.6 billion budget that were vetoed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo today.

The vetoes include seven technical corrections, according to Cuomo. The other 122 were for old member items — “pork” — that had been repurposed for new projects.

Take a look at the grants that were vetoed in the document below:

Line Item Vetos #1-129


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  1. Well I see a lot of Ambulance Companies got cut, a lot of Senior programs and aid to Veteran Association (thos who gave no small portion of their lives to serve all of us) was vetoes. However funding to the AWALI AFRICAN DANCE COMPANY OF ROCKLAND, a grant machine that gets multiple grants every year from the government, is still in.

    Talk about misguided priorities.