Astorino trashes Triborough; calls for teardown of old TZ bridge


In an appearance on Good Day New York Thursday morning, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino reiterated his longstanding complaints against the Triborough Amendment to the state labor law, saying it gives labor unions an incentive not to negotiate.

“The employees say we don’t need to negotiate forever,” he told the hosts of the Fox New York program. All of Westchester County’s eight contracts have expired.

Triborough keeps the provisions of expired contracts in place during negotiations, allowing longevity pay increases and step increases for teachers but not increases in base pay.

Eliminating Triborough would bring balance back to negotiations, Astorino said. Unions say eliminating the provision would swing the balance of power too far toward government employers.

“I think the unions own Albany,” Astorino said. He advocated a freeze in Triborough for a couple of years to judge the impact.

On the Tappan Zee Bridge, Astorino reiterated his desire to see some mass transit on the new bridge. But, though some local residents and officials have advocated keeping the old bridge as a sort of High Line park, Astorino said it would be a windy, uncomfortable spot and should be torn down.

“To leave the old bridge up doesn’t make sense,” he said.

Photo: Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino


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  1. just the facts on

    leaving the old bridge up was advanced by greenburgh town supervisor paul feiner
    who thinks it would be just like the High line in new york…does feiner understand that allowing
    people to use that bridge most of the year would create a safety hazard because of the
    weather conditions that prevail including very high winds…does he understand that the bridge
    would still have to be maintained at substantial cost..and is he willing to underwrite the exposure to liability that the state would have?

  2. Crazy Proposal on

    Dismantle the old bridge and use the remnants to build an enormous mental facility for all the wackos who now wander the street of Westchester.

  3. Astorino's Dumb on

    Perhaps Astorino wants to pay the state the $150 million it would reportedly cost to take the old TZ down? Where would he get that money?

  4. As a State Worker Union member I am 100% with you Rob. I’d trade the Triborough Amendment and Taylor laws in a Westchester second to regain the right to strike. Less then two months ago the United Nations ruled that the Taylor law, by denying workers right to strike artificially suppresses wages. How can I support you in abolishing the Triborough Amendment Rob?

  5. It is not the union’s claim that the elimination of the Triborough Amendment would swing the balance of power, IT IS A FACT! Without the Triborough, management would wait until the contract expired, and because, as an employer, they have the right to dictate mimimum wages, a 7 day work week, 12 hour days, no health insurance, no safety precautions, nepotism ( oh wait, they already have that). WHERE IS THE BALANCE?

    Mr. Astorino should dedicate as much time getting the unions that have been without contracts for more than 3 years to at least 2011 as he does squaking about the Triborough Amendment.

    As a taxpayer in Westchester, I realize that the 17% of my property tax that goes to the county is not going will not impact the high taxes I pay, but the cost of vast layoffs to pay for unemployment, food stamps, section 8, and other public assistance will.

  6. Astorini should just start sending out his resumes now for gigs on biased news channels or radio talk shows since his true calling is chat, public appearances, discussion, sports banter, and other hot air since he has no qualification for the position he was mistakenly elected to in 2008

    If Westchester concerned voters get off their hind quarters to vote in 2013 this mistake will be corrected