Spano promotes development agency fiscal chief to CEO


YONKERS — The mayor is elevating the city Industrial Development Agency’s chief fiscal officer to the organization’s helm.

Melvina Carter, a Yonkers native who has helped run the agency since 2005, will begin as its president and CEO immediately at a salary of $140,000.

Carter replaces Ellen Lynch, a real estate executive from White Plains who was appointed to the top post in 2006 under former Mayor Phil Amicone.

Mayor Mike Spano recently asked for Lynch’s resignation; he named Carter to the post Thursday at City Hall.

“It’s important to have somebody in that position who has the ideas and vision of the new mayor,” said Spano, the IDA’s chairman. Carter “is more than ready to take the next step.”

Plans to fill Carter’s former position have not been finalized.

During her more than six years as the IDA chief fiscal officer, Carter helped bring 37 projects to fruition, including two new hotels, improvements at the Cross County Shopping Center and an expansion of Empire City casino, Spano said. Prior to the IDA, Carter served for seven years as fiscal officer of the city’s Office of Downtown and Waterfront Development.

Her appointment comes as the agency prepares for several large-scale development projects, including high-rise housing at Teutonia Hall and a new hotel at the Cross County Shopping Center.

“The IDA can play a vital role in facilitating a wide range of job opportunities as well as enhance the quality of life for all of our residents,” Carter said Thursday. “I look forward to doing more, and clearly there is more work to be done.”


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  1. Another boondoggle in waiting. The working homeowner will pay for everything, as usual, only more so.

  2. One wonders who is behind the big business string pulling on Mike. One wonders if the big business Republican power leaders are still in the background from Amicone and Republican party days since Mike is a D due to convenience and registration numbers.

    Anyone know the gowing details of the family job tally at this point in Yonkers and associated agencies and commissions since Jan 1 2012 ??