Broome Sweeps Up Command Center For $150K


Broome County spent $150,000 to purchase a 2008 command center that was originally bought by the state Department of Environmental Conservation, state and county officials said today.

The command center cost $180,000 when it was bought new, Howard Glaser, the state’s director of operations, said at a cabinet meeting in February. (go to about the 46-minute mark.)

Broome County bought it with 9,200 miles, according to the state Office of General Services. Glaser joked about its lack of fuel efficiency: it gets 3 miles per gallon.

The purchase of the command center is no joke to Broome County, though. It will be used by the sheriff’s department, which had a smaller, outdated command center, a county spokesman said.

The county has suffered two massive floods, in 2006 and 2011.

“We’ve seen two 100-year floods here in the last five years and having this unit only stands to benefit the community,” said county spokesman Jim Worhach.

The command center’s purchase was separate from the state’s auction of more than 400 vehicles, which ended this week. The command center was offered first to local governments, according to an OGS spokeswoman, and Broome wanted it.


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