Pataki To Form Super PAC In NY


His portrait is inexplicably the largest in the Hall of Governors at the state Capitol, and now former three-term Gov. George Pataki is going super again: He’s starting his own super PAC in New York.

After leaking the news to the Wall Street Journal yesterday, the former GOP governor from Garrison, Putnam County, announced today he’s creating “Tipping Point,” a super PAC to help Republican congressional candidates in New York.

“Our country is at a Tipping Point. We can continue the regressive, radically intrusive, job-killing policies of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi or elect candidates who will work to restore America’s promise as a land of hope and opportunity,” Pataki said in a statement. “Tipping Point will assist in providing the resources and the know-how to retain and grow the GOP membership in the House.”

Pataki, governor from 1995 through 2006, estimated that there are probably at least 10 competitive congressional races in New York this year. Gannett’s Albany Bureau reported Tuesday that there’s 11 races where the difference between enrolled Democrat and Republicans are less than 40,000.

Pataki has made national races more of his focus than state politics since he left office. He’s had unsuccessful explorations into running for president, and in 2010 started Revere America, which pumped money into congressional races across the country.

“Tipping Point” filed paperwork with the FEC this week and launched this website.

And the website offers this about Pataki: “No Republican in the history of modern New York electoral politics can match his record of success.”



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  1. just the facts on

    I would say that nelson rockefeller’s record and legacy will be remembered far into the future
    when no one can name governor pataki…

  2. Patakistein bigger, stronger, faster, able to run for VP if needed.

    BTW will Arthur and “FRIENDS” be cashing in on this Super PAC ?

    In 2006 he gave the NYGOP the …….now he wants to be the “HERO”

    What a GUY

    Politics what a GAME

    So all you RICO’s Republicans in Checkbook Only give Arthur and his “FRIENDS” need the money, Patakistein needs to credit and NY needs to elect more Republicans to Congress.

    BTW Go Newt GO

    Before there was the “Oracle of Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    Power to the People who “VOTE”

  3. At Rocky’s confirmation hearings for the VP post, he responded to a question about his net worth by mendaciously saying he thought it was in the area of 50 million. The joke going around Washington that evening was that Rocky misunderstood the question, thinking he was asked how much he had on him.

  4. just the facts on

    Rockefeller should have been president…carter would not have beaten him…but the disgrace
    at the 1964convention years before poisoned the well …..he was of the greatest
    governors of this state and a man who selflessly devoted himself to public service who could
    have done anything or nothing at should note that Pataki worked for rockefeller in his
    1970 gubenatorial campaign…along with brad raese his future appointments secretary..
    as for Arthur…one of the most overrated political consultants in the history of republican
    politics…and the proof of the pudding is that while people like gillespie, black, carville and begala
    are still asked for their opinion ,,no one cares about what arthur’s take is because other than
    repeating the mantra that his clients opponents were liberal to a fault or too liberal too long
    or some take of on the theme he was a cookie cutter consultant that forced the same theme
    on every campaign and he lost most of them…Pataki did win…but vaco lost and so did an
    incumbant US senator by the name of al d’amato..and Pataki only won because mario was so hated

  5. Rocky Feller on

    Wasn’t Rocky, still married, found dead of a heart attack in his mistress’s apt. in Manhattan, clumsily dressed, with his shoes on the wrong feet? Nice epitaph.

  6. Here! Congratulations!…..Mr.Pataki. Did you Hear that “HABIBHASAN -An American Storyteller is also Forming.A PAC!…..And, ( THE ONLY DIFFERENCE ) in My PAC is that “It’s going to be 22 inches long and very thick in diameter and radius!…. ) I told about its formation much before this Blog’s Pataki Lovers!…HOWEVER, the People in The Town of Orangetown with whom I initially discussed actually ran away because ( many in The Town of Orangetown do things in Secret )! EVIDENCE BASED FACT. However.! ” an elected urinal said ” no matter what the People of this Town stay together in anything! ” ….It’s really big! Well! If 4/5 + 1 and 2 People engage in “illegal activities ” and “sell girls in Pearl River Downtown Bars!” Acting Respectable to ” Buyers From Spring Valley”!… What can one say! congratulations!…. However! ” behind the banner” crimes at every block and sticking together is really amazing! May be ” any One who Respects the Law and It’s Enforcement” should not go in these bars….perhaps ( after they leave What is bragged a bout to intimidating Americans!…” Will shock all who had been patorns or customers here!

    Bravo! . . . No Secrets Left Behind! ….. ! They say they are respectable!

    HABIBHASAN- An American Stoeyteller

  7. Thank You Mr.Get Real! I agree with your analysis… ! In Rockland County, a lot of People have on many occasions told me ” Why should we give you advertisements when ( either because they are Mr.Henry’s Kousins….or do the samething since Richard Fell! ) and, on the other hand when I move on….the same people ( that actually have nothing American in them) exceptions of American Color of Matched Skin! If they stand next to an American they ( simply blend in) so well that any local or foreign nakem eye can get deceived that they are Americans! But, mostly that is not the case! They pick out me and call me James as Many such call The President of The United States a few similar names!. It like being a Rat in Human Body!

    Well! Hypocrisy is age old! Way before the times of Able and Cane!…But! What happened is that the “Books of God” have also been changed to suit ‘”the change’! You tube has ‘galatic’ lectures….that is so contridictory in itself all over that is almost giving a justification to the after Second World War mind frame exported to American’s Lap!…Without any shame!

    If you will try to have a simple conversation; with a Senior High School Stident… It’s only topic that interest many is sex, sex. Sex , People Magazine and Kangaroo Cartoon!

    and this goes on!

    When I form The PAC I am sure I will take away what Mr.Pataki may be picketing!.. What is Mr.Pataki’s Contributios to The Republic? May be the sclience is broken that he seems to be coming out of “remaining abnormally scilence all these years…”

    It’s certainly not because of The Supreme Court Decision! self promotion and picketing money does not helps The United States or It’s National Interests!

    Let’s see what Mr.Pataki brings on the Table! When I am ready would like to invite him for a Pubilc Debate without Scripts! Let’s talk America!. .

    HABIBHASAN-An American Stoeyteller

  8. just the facts on

    rockefeller was a private citizen at the time of his death…so whatever the circumstances
    its simply not your business…you sound very much like a typical conservative want
    the government’s hand out of your pocket but in america’s bedroom…

  9. Rocky Feller on

    Proves that Rocky was not only a secret adulterer, but also a consummate hyprocrite.
    Some leadership.

  10. Well! (As Mentioned By Just The Facts… ) God knows who is Whose Mixed Off Spring! A Transparent Life is no Public Acts and ( not saying Fooling America) with deep pockets or even Like Mr.Pataki collect $10; in the name of what? Please tell me why do ” Fresh Young Girls…” hand out around Politicians and Conventions? … Just to prove a point come to any Bar in Downtown Pearl River and bring a Stack of $100 Bills and open it when paying your tab! ….And, just look at any woman in that bar…and walk out! After midnight… And, she will follow you!

    And, ready to spend the night! And many other things ….But! On the same token “try as decently as it can be” a girl out on a date!… She will brush you off and insult you!

    This is what’s happening! US. senator use to have orgy every Friday! No doubt A “unconstitutional legislation” get through… ! How do you explain that to this Soil?

    Let’s get real! I am not writing who sells Our Daughters in these Bars! But ! It’s a fact! Drive a Dannali and own a Bar and every 30/45 minutes get laid! Act like a respectable man! And, also how respectable are those “girls” who sleep willingly with such people!…Wake up! open your eyes!

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller