Westchester legislators move to keep child care contribution at 20 percent


The Westchester Board of Legislators Community Services Committee passed out legislation Thursday to keep the parent contribution to the cost of subsidized child care at 20 percent of income above the poverty line and to require legislative approval before any change in family share.

Legislators are also asking the state to amend the New York State Social Services Law so that changes to the parental share of day care services cannot be made without the approval of the Westchester Board of Legislators.

Westchester Social Services Commissioner Kevin McGuire moved to increase the parent share at the beginning of April from 20 percent to 35 percent of income above the poverty line. Once a comment period is complete on May 14, McGuire can ask the state for final approval of the increase. (Read a story on the move here.)

“It’s going to create a great deal of hardship,” said Legislator Alfreda Williams, D-Greenburgh, the chairwoman of the Community Services Committee.

McGuire argued that parents need to contribute more to makeup a shortfall in the program. The county is contributing $4.3 million this year to the $30.4 million program.

Williams said she asked McGuire to return to the committee with more detailed first quarter financial information before taking any action and his actions fly in the face of the committee’s request.


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