Yonkers mayor appoints new budget director after last-minute raise flap


Mayor Mike Spano appointed John Delaney as the city’s new budget director, he announced today.

Delaney will succeed Carl Maniscalco, who Spano fired along with human resources deputy commissioner Gerard Serpico on March 23 over a last-minute pay raise for former deputy Mayor William Regan.

As a result of the annual pay boost from $30,000 to $163,332, Regan collected a final paycheck in the first week of January of $40,200, or about five times what he previously stood to earn.

According to Spano’s press release, Delaney spent nine years with the Westchester County Budget Department, where he was responsible for the development and monitoring of the $1.8 billion general fund operating budget and the $206 million sewer, water and refuse districts operating budgets.

While there, Delaney also reviewed all Board of Acquisition and Contract resolutions involving capital projects and developed estimates of the county-wide revenues including sales and mortgage taxes. Previously, Delaney worked as a Budget Specialist at the Westchester County Clerk’s Office and as the Finance Program Specialist at Westchester County Social Services.


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  1. Brother of Peter Delaney who was the campaign mgr of Andy ORourke: he of questionable real estate purchases in the day for Westchester taxpayers. Repub connections never fade away
    19 Bradhurst, 112 E Post, rents in 270 North 145 Huguenot lavish rentals for contributions

    One wonders who is behind the big business string pulling on Mike.

    One wonders if the big business Republican power leaders are still in the background from Amicone and Republican party days since Mike is a D due to convenience and registration numbers.

    Anyone know the gowing details of the family job tally at this point in Yonkers and associated agencies and commissions since Jan 1 2012 ??