As Tax Day Approaches, $3.5B Paid Out In NY, So Far


The state Taxation and Finance Department has issued 4.6 million tax returns this year, totaling $3.5 billion and averaging $796 per filer.

The state expects 9.7 million tax returns this year, with 9.2 million filed by tomorrow’s deadline.

The state Comptroller’s Office, meanwhile, said today that it halted $16.4 million in questionable personal income tax refunds after finding 5,903 improper filings.

The Comptroller’s Office audited and approved 4.7 million refund requests, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said, that totaled $4.1 billion. Another 406,000 refund requests totaling $382 million are expected to be paid this week.

“While most taxpayers play by the rules, these unscrupulous filers claimed children they don’t have, listed fictitious day care expenses or used other schemes to cheat their fellow New Yorkers,” DiNapoli said in a statement. “Through my office’s efforts, we will ensure that only legitimate refunds are paid.”

DiNapoli said a majority of the cases dealt with credits for ineligible child care or credits allowed only for low-income households. He said 23 percent dealt with “dishonest tax preparers filing false tax returns.”


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