Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner, once a Ridge Hill opponent, now toasts its success


File this under “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

Paul Feiner, (left) once among the most vocal opponents of the Ridge Hill development in Yonkers, was among those celebrating Tuesday night’s grand opening of Havana Central, the latest restaurant in the fast-growing $842 million mega-project.

The event attracted a slew of elected officials and other VIPs who spent the evening enjoying free mojitos, complementary sangria and hors d’oeuvres passed on trays by an eager and enthusiastic wait staff.

Feiner’s presence was jarring. He once called Ridge Hill ” planning at its worst.” Under his watch, the town doled out tens of thousands of dollars to consultants and lawyers to battle Ridge Hill’s plans, and even spent $7,000 to print and mail a glossy flyer criticizing the Ridge Hill plan to Yonkers residents.

The town even filed suit against the developers over concerns with the size and traffic impact of the mixed-use Yonkers project near the town’s border. The town settled the case in 2007, but Feiner reconsidered reopening the lawsuit in 2010 after former Yonkers Councilwoman Sandy Annabi was charged with taking a bribe to support the project.

But on Tuesday night, seemingly all was forgiven. “I like it here, it’s nice,” he said.

Among the amenities that Feiner said he likes most: places to sit and relax while his wife goes shopping.

“I would rather go to jail than shop,” he said, with a laugh.


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  1. The town of Greenburgh lost the battle. We now want to work cooperatively with the city of Yonkers to address legitimate traffic concerns.
    Ridge Hill is here to stay. I wish the new store owners, restaurants, movie theaters great success. It’s my hope that the Ridge HIll development will help Yonkers address their serious budget concerns.
    I hope that city, county officials and Ridge Hill management will work with the town of Greenburgh to address our legitimate traffic concerns.
    We are trying to improve road conditions on Greenburgh streets leading to the Ridge Hill development. If traffic flows smoothly and if safety improvements are made – it would be terrific for everyone.
    The new Mayor (Mike Spano) and I are working cooperatively on a number of issues. I am hopeful that we will find a way to address our traffic concerns in the coming years.
    Greenburgh Town Supervisor

  2. are you kidding on

    this is typical of the anti development political types….they think they are representing
    their constituents but they are really pandering to fears about development…feiner
    not only opposed ridge hill but he also opposed stu leonards…both projects are not only
    desireable for yonkers and the surrounding communities but the traffic jams projected on
    jackson ave never materialized…there is however one intersection at old jacksonave
    and jackson ave that is dangerous not because of ridge hill but simply because since
    it was designed years ago the general traffic has increased mostly due to residential development
    projects like ardsley estates, and boulder ridge all of which were approved to increase the
    tax base of the town .there is money available from ridge hill to fix the problem…Feiner
    would be well advised to work with all the parties involved in crafting a miniamlist solution
    that does not include bicycle paths and that encroaches on adjacent property only when
    absolutely necessary because the fact remains that a failure to show flexibility will wind
    up with a court challenge with the result being that the money now available will expire
    leaving mr feiner with a legacy of not making the roads safer than they are now at no
    expense to the town…

  3. Another Feiner Flop on

    Correction: Paul Feiner Lost the Battle trying to portray himself as the public saviour. The People of the Town of Greenburgh lost their tax money fighting this frivolous battle. Incredulously now Feiner is there enjoying free food and drinks and hob knobbing with the shoppers? Feiner epitomizes all that is wrong with Politicians.

  4. Just got back from Ridge Hill. This is perhaps the worst development I have ever been to. The traffic is a free for all. It is awful to get to from east of Central Ave. Nothing much there besides a few shops. But with no taxes on clothing in NYC why would you ever bother coming to Ridge Hill?

  5. just the facts on

    you are totally wrong..and wondering just what your agenda is..Ridge Hill is a well planned
    development with plenty of great stores from dick’s sporting goods to lord and taylor
    you are complaining that you can’t get there from east yonkers..that’s because its
    not located in east yonkers…go across jackson ave and make a left into stu leonards
    its no problem to get to at all….”a few shops” how about the limited, whole foods, cheesecake
    factory, yard house,a brand new multi plex theatre, brio’s havan central, ll bean, and many
    more to come in the next few weeks…why on earth would you drive to the city spend money
    on gas or 20 bucks on the train and make your way through traffic in midtown if you
    can find the same things 2 minutes sound like one of the anti development people
    that now that the project is up and running realize how very very wrong you were in lobbying
    your east side councilman to vote against it…

  6. This “elite” builder and these elite stores are there only because they bribed the polticians and raped the taxpayers. Their deal was ridiculous. Enjoy your cheesecake and read all about it in the Journal News.

  7. just the facts on

    the bribery issue is an interesting one.if sandi annabi had simply been for the project
    all along which she should have been because it was good for yonkers and did not
    adversely affect her district then she wouldn’t be going to jail….the fact of the matter
    is that the project is now up so all of it is water under the bridge…the issue being discussed
    is whether it turned out good or bad…and that is clearly those who say the
    deal was ridiculous what other develpers were on line to build on this rocky site? so you
    would rather have no project at all and no jobs and no tax revenues….because you think
    the city was being to generous..well you know what in these times when you have land
    that is basially a rock mountain generous is what you have to be..

  8. I haven’t experienced any added traffic in Yonkers or the surrounding neighborhoods dince Ridge Hill.

    Executive Blvd. on the other hand…

  9. Ridge Hill is ok-nothing special. I like to go have soup with fresh bread and butter at Whole Foods. The supermarket itself is very overpriced. The sidewalks are too narrow. Ridge Hill has no ambience. There should be giant water fountains and outdoor ice cream cafes. I live five minutes away and hardly go there. It’s more exciting going to Stew’s, getting free samples, having a fresh ice cream cone etc.

  10. are you kidding on

    that’s not the point..the point is that the project appears to be a success and has not generated
    the traffic conjestion forecast by those opposed to may like stew leonards but the
    restaurants at ridge hill are doing fine without you….and fountains are for florida..they
    freeze and crack in the winter up here…maybe you should go to boca!

  11. There’s no traffic congestion because there’s little traffic. They’d love a little traffic congestion! Watch the next few years for one store (and restaurant) after another to look for bankruptcy protection.