Westchester Hospitals To Pay $2.3M For Medicaid Fraud


Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced today two Medicaid fraud settlements with Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester and Mount Vernon Hospital totaling more than $2.3 million.

Both hospitals are members of the Sound Shore Health System. The investigation was conducted by Schneiderman’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester agreed to repay the state $2.2 million. Mount Vernon Hospital already paid the State $85,000.

“Since taking office, we have been determined to save taxpayer money by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse wherever we find it,” Schneiderman said. “Through the unlawful overbilling of Medicaid, these health care providers shortchanged New York State taxpayers to make a profit, and now they will be held accountable for their misconduct. In this time of fiscal crisis, we can’t afford to waste a single penny on fraud.”

The two hospitals overbilled Medicaid for physician-administered drugs, Scheiderman said, pocketing more than $1 million.


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  1. Well Done! Mr.Attorney General! … But! I disagree; more needs to be done, like ” this type of major Frauds in Health Care Must be under Federal Preview prior to any settlements at ” State Levels”… The Justice is not served. Why settlements?

    Here! I think that the FBI must conduct additional investigation! I am sure there is more to Westchester! This is not the first time “frauds and Violations of Law” are being settled by ” every forthcoming FUTURE Govornor of New York ” lately!…

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller.

  2. Sigmund Fraud on

    When you have 2.3 million in verified fraud and no one is prosecuted, you effectively promote fraud.