Katz Drops Senate Primary Challenge Against Ball


As expected, Assemblyman Steve Katz, R-Yorktown, Westchester County, announced today that he would re-election to the state Assembly and not challenge Sen. Greg Ball in a primary.

“I regret that I cannot presently offer the voters of our district a clear voice in the State Senate that pursues the integrity, honesty and Republican principles that they deserve,” Katz said in a statement. “Instead, I will pursue these values and continue my efforts in the Assembly. I will continue to focus on issues that are important to all New Yorkers: lowering our taxes, fixing our economy, and creating jobs.

Katz continued that, “I wish to thank my supporters for the unwavering loyalty and encouragement that they have shown me. I am humbled and motivated by their level of devotion. I will continue my fight to represent our values in the Assembly and hope to have the continued confidence of the hard working, long-suffering residents of our district.”

Katz and Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County, have been in a strange battle — a Facebook fight and dropped charges against Katz, a veterinarian, for animal cruelty.


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  1. William Gouldman should primary Katz, he would be a much better candidate then Katz. Katz is beholding to the Teaparty, Katz is not his own man.

  2. its about time on

    I don’t know what John is disappointed about. Ball would have wiped the floor with Katz in a primary. Katz’s campaign was completely disorganized, unable to raise a dime, unable to work well with others, unable to take sound advice, and just as lazy as he was in 2010. There are others who should primary katz. Gouldman + borkowski come to mind, to name two.

  3. its about time on

    so its “family health issues” preventing Katz from running against Ball? Try he lost the convention, he’s toally disorganized, and even his most ardent supporters are now sitting home unwilling to help him. Not to mention he can’t work well with people.

  4. just the facts on

    gouldman or borkowski both beat Katz easily in a primary now that republicans understand
    just exactly what they got when they voted for Katz ..someone who is not suited to hold
    public office and frankly clearly is devoted to his vet practice which excludes him from
    serving effectively

  5. just the facts on

    that would make it a three way race and Katz might win….one of them should announce
    he can be beaten….and you can take that to the bank

  6. its about time on

    who cares if its a three way race? the better harder working candidate can prevail. Unless he’s lazy and just depends on politics as usual, depending on others to campaign for him. RUN!

  7. its about time on

    that actually would make it a four way race: Katz, Gristina, Gouldman, Borkowski. That shouldn’t stop them from entering. It’s doable, and I think Katz is damaged goods at this point, not the genuine incumbent protections.


    A three way race as per JUST THE FACTS? Like we dont know who you are.
    Sounds like 2009 Sheriff race all over again. The only question this time is: Who will not commit a crime and be prosecuted anyway and who will go on a crime spree and our beloved DA will say “No crime was committed”.
    The only difference, CONVICTED FELON LIEBEL IS NOT CALLING THE SHOTS (or is he?)

  9. just the facts on

    if you want to defeat Katz in a primary..its very simple..pick one candidate to oust
    him and run at him…now that he is in office unlike when he ran last time..he has
    an attendance record or lack thereof..and he has his failed coup d’etat against ball
    which I would imagine ball does not appreciate….bill gouldman is a good candidate
    if he is willing to run…its very hard to beat any incumbant if the anti incumbant
    vote is split….so whether you think you know who i am or not is really quite irrelevant
    the political question is does Katz get a pass for his threatening to unseat his senator

  10. no fan of either on

    Instead of covering the immature antics of both of these do-nothing politicians, how about some honest coverage of Governor Cuomo?
    Is the Journal News too afraid of telling the emperor he has no clothes?
    Stop all the free press extolling his accomplishments, and challenge him on his outrageous handling of the on-going abuse of vulnerable clients in the care of OWPDD.
    Instead of immediately taking action after testimony was given this week regarding the ongoing abuse & neglect of clients, the Cuomo administration tries to silence the truth tellers, and then Cuomo talks of going fishing.
    These vulnerable clients do not vote, so garner no attention from Cuomo.
    History will not remember Cuomo kindly for his neglect of the most vulnerable in society, and his attempt to silence those with the courage to protect them.

  11. Katz is prime for the taking if someone pimaries him, he is vulnrable, he has shown himself to be weak and his Putnam supporters, both of them (jack’s) realize he is dead in the woods and not worth their time. The Teabagger’s thought they had a winner and then realized that they had a big loser.

  12. run gouldman run on

    William Gouldman I believe is running. He is meeting with the different committees in putnam and westchester. I am told me he received a positive response from the Yorktown committee last week.

  13. no show katz on

    Katz can be beat. Gouldman or Borkowski would beat him in the primary. This is a republican district so the democrats will not even put a candidate up. So whoever wins the primary will be the assemblyman.

  14. no show katz on

    Gristina has already announced his primary race against Katz is he not aware of what is happening around him. He is not even being considered a serious candidate. Everytime he speaks to a group they are respectful. But when he leaves they laugh. Ball was behind him from the beginning then he realized how unprepared and unqualified he was Ball ran the other way. Katz will beat Gristina 755 In the convention.

  15. Who cares with all these egomaniacal people? They all want jobs in Albany as Republicans. What makes any one of them superior to the next? Find a Democratic seat to challenge.

  16. Ball & Katz should solve their differences in a boxing rink for 3 rounds and use this event as a fundraiser for a cariety in putnam or northern westchester.

  17. If you were a boxer, you’d know that there is no rink – it is a ring. Hockey players use rinks.

  18. Didnt anyone notice Spector forgot the important verb in the first sentence that makes the sentence into a story ??

    Journal News and Albany Times Union are giving Cuomo a non deserved free ride big time and agree with “No Fan”

  19. Katz’s day is over. he lost a lot of support and respect by going after Ball, then backing down. Say what you will about Greg on this lohud…..there is a very good reason Greg Ball wins every race he’s in.
    To run against katz should be Jim borkowski. That plays to Borkowski’s strength which is legislative, lawyer, along those lines. He’s has the best chance of being assemblyman. He should announce immediately though if he’s gonna do it.