What’s Your School District’s Proposed Tax Levy?


The highly anticipated school-tax report cards were released yesterday, and we have a database that shows the proposed spending increase or decrease by district, the change in enrollment for each district and most importantly what the tax levy change would be, if approved by voters May 15.

Some highlights from the numbers:

  • Nearly 92 percent of school districts plan to abide by the state’s new property tax cap.
  • 51 of the 669 school districts that filed their proposed tax levy increases with the state Education Department plan to ask voters to override the tax limit.
  • 445 districts are proposing tax levy increases — the amount of taxes collected in a community — that are under their capped limit.
  • 173 districts are coming in right at their capped amount.
  • 12 school districts are proposing budgets that are $1 less than their capped limits.


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  1. Get your fat, greedy hands out of my pockets. I wasn’t put on this earth to pay for everything I need AND everything you need, especially when you don’t appreciate any of it and your kids can’t read despite billions spent.

  2. Once again, Ossining is out of control. How about you fire all of the unnecessary administrators? This is pathetic. What could have possibly changed in one year that warrants a 3 MILLION dollar increase in the budget?