Yonkers Public Library launches campaign vs city budget


The Friends of the Yonkers Public Library has launched a campaign against Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s proposed 2012-13 budget that would cut the library’s funding by 11 percent.

The private group has produced a flyer warning that the library will close on Saturdays and two weeknights. It also warns that there will be less money for books and magazines and it urges the public to contact their City Council representatives.

Spano’s $937.8 million executive budget includes $428.9 million in municipal spending — a $2.7 million decrease from 2012. The remaining $508.9 million would go to the Yonkers public schools — a $2.6 million increase from the current fiscal year.

The city’s fiscal crisis may translate into an extra $295 in property taxes for the average homeowner and the elimination of 112 city jobs if enacted as Spano proposed it.

Here’s a copy of the flyer.


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  1. Buy books wholesale, check-out books. That’s the name of the game, and that simple task should be accomplished for millions less.

  2. So the great managers at the Yonkers Public Library would rather see taxes in the city go up? Or do they want the education spending that is going to increase be cut instead? Besides, a lot of departments are being cut in the budget, everyone needs to make sacrifices. These people at the library are just silly.