Katz is in-again, out-again assemblyman, opponent says


Dario Gristina, a Republican from Putnam Valley, recently welcomed Assemblyman Steve Katz, R-Yorktown, back to the race for the 94th Assembly District. Katz had announced he was going to run for state Senate but changed his mind last week and decided to seek his current seat. It’s also one that Gristina is seeking.

“It’s about time that Steve has finally made a decision so that I know who I am running against and can now focus my efforts on removing him from office. Steve’s lack of focus over the past six months and inability to decide what his future plans are, is exactly how he represents the 94th District. I intend to offer the Voters of this District an alternative; an Assemblyman who is focused on reducing taxes, focused on eliminating unfunded mandates to our towns and schools and focused on keeping the businesses we have left in New York,” Gristina said in a statement. “I have been out knocking on doors, attending district events, and meeting with our seniors, in order to hear from them what their issues are, and in addition to taxes, jobs and gas prices, they want more change in Albany and I intend to be their voice yelling for that change.” Gristina said. “What they don’t see is their representative, Steve Katz or his plan for improving their situation which is why he needs to go.”


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  1. Gristina couldn’t be more of a hypocrite. When the legal issues surrounding his wife/ex-wife hit the press a couple of months ago, he said that his main concern was for his son and that he didn’t want him exposed to the spotlight of the media circus.

    Well, if that were truly the case, he would put his political aspirations on hold until the next assembly election in two years because as this race heats up you plenty more will be made of the prostitution case, whether it is relevant of not, by politicos and the media.

  2. who cares about Gristina’s ex-wife from 16 years ago who’s been married to someone else for the past 11 years? Katz doesn’t own that seat. Katz is finished.

  3. get out of the race fool on

    Dario Gristino has been caught solisiting a prostitut. He has been caught with a DWI. Do you think these were only done once. Ha. I have a bridge to sell you. He is a man with bad character. He will not be elected. Save your family more embaresment Gristino.

  4. stay in dario on

    Dario Gristina stay in this race. The people of westchester and putnam county need something to laugh at this summer.

  5. Many peopel care about Gristiana’s ex-wife of 16 years. I am being told he had an issue paying child support.

  6. my name is sue on

    Gristina has many clouds around him. One issue is explainable, but he nas so many. Katz will beat him in a landslide in the convention. At that time it will give Gristina a way to back away nicely.

  7. southeast mob on

    Is Ball still supporting Gristiana on the sly? His staff has been seen with Gristiana.

  8. reading these posts is sad. The things people will say, without knowing any facts, just to hear themselves talk. Look at how much someone gets attacked when he puts his name in the running. You guys need to get some help for these anger problems.