Cuomo’s Medicaid Redesign Team claims victory


Key members of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Medicaid Redesign Team held a news conference in Albany to claim victory today, announcing that spending on the health care program stayed $14 million under a cap last year.

Health Commissioner Nirav Shah, Deputy Secretary for Health Jim Introne and state Medicaid Director Jason Helgerson joined with state Budget Director Robert Megna to tout the team’s accomplishments, which Megna said helped allow the state to balance budget deficits the past two years.

“Today, we’re here to declare that the effort was successful, and to announce that we finished the 2011-12 fiscal year under the Global Medicaid Spending Cap,” Introne said.

In all, the governor’s office says the state will save $17.1 billion over the next five years because of the Medicaid reforms.

The redesign team was launched shortly after Cuomo took office last year, and issued a series of recommendations in February that were designed to cut $2.3 billion of Medicaid spending last fiscal year.

Helgerson said today it will be several years before all of the team’s recommendations are implemented and the full savings are recognized.


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