Horse Group Calls AG’s Lawsuit “A Pack Of Lies”


The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, based in Saratoga, vehemently denied the charges in a lawsuit today by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, saying that he’s trying to capitalize on recent news stories about abused racehorses.

The foundation said it is largest equine sanctuary in the world and has found homes for more than 800 horses that were in its care.

Foundation Chairman John Moore said the herd is fine, and Schneiderman’s suit is based on a “pile of lies.”

“Attorney General Schneiderman wants to jump on the bandwagon, and it’s unfortunate because the horses are suffering and will suffer in the future if he puts this organization out of business,” Moore said.

In a subsequent statement, issued by the New York City powerhouse public relations firm Rubenstein Associates, the foundation said it would fight the lawsuit.

“The TRF will pursue every legal avenue to defend itself against these false claims and present evidence to disprove every allegation stated in the complaint,” the foundation said.

Schneiderman said the lawsuit against the foundation, which cares for 1,100 retired racehorses, is the result of neglect and poor fiscal management.

The attorney general claims the group took in more horses than it could handle on its farms, which led to neglect that included inadequate food, unattended injuries and lack of shelter in severe weather.

The lawsuit comes after a recent report in The New York Times found that 30 horses had died at Aqueduct Racetrack in New York City after being improperly cared for.


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