Ken Jenkins reacts to court decision in Westchester housing settlement dispute


Westchester Board of Legislators Chairman Ken Jenkins, D-Yonkers, put out this statement in reaction to Thursday’s decision by Judge Denise Cote saying that County Executive Rob Astorino’s veto of legislation prohibiting discrimination based on the source of a tenant’s income violated the county’s fair housing settlement with the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. Click here for a story on the decision:

Today’s decision from U. S. District Judge Denise Cote acknowledges and reaffirms the County Executive’s obligation under the terms of the Fair and Affordable Housing settlement agreement to promote source-of-income legislation that will deter landlords and realtors from discriminatory practices. I hope this convinces County Executive Astorino to tone down his rhetoric and simply comply with all of the terms of the settlement. Also, I call on the County Executive to present source-of-income legislation to the Board of Legislators to resolve this hurdle and restore the community development block grant funding to Westchester. It’s time to again move forward: Westchester needs fair and affordable housing, and providing new homes for our seniors, veterans and young professionals will create hundreds of jobs and strengthen our communities.



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  1. You’ll never hear the end of Jenkins unless and until those whom he supposedly represents realize that by electing him, they’re not promoting progress, but rather are promoting slideback, mediocrity, and ennui.

  2. Jerkins can never get enough press, even if it is by sticking his foot in his mouth.

    And the court obviously doesn’t seem to know the difference between ‘promote’ and ‘force’.

    I hope Astorino continues this fight due to the far reaching consequences this will have now and in the future, of the far left trying to tell everyone how to live their lives.

  3. 10 blind mice on

    This is American guys. tomjo is very correct in stating we have far reaching consequences from this bill. Jerkins does have a ulterior motive and it is to give people of Westchester other peoples money, that they have not worked for. He was raised this way, I am sick and tired of entitlement programs when we have worked all our lives to get things that must according to the 10 blind mice be given away. Everyone in America must work and be able to afford the homes or apartments otherwise they don’t appreciate and keep them as they got them. Open up jobs and keep track of the welfare figures, see How many ever get out of that self-imposed circle!!! Most have no motivation to work or make more money sitting home or on street corners. The system is broken. Ever heard the quote ” give a person a fish and they eat for a day””Teach them to fish and they eat for their lifetime” No-one keeps track of the cases or they would know it never works to spoon feed, even the animal rehabilitators realize you must teach the released to fend for themselves. The actions of our County Board has been a disgrace to our County. Give me-Give me- Give- me. When it should be earned.

  4. 10 blind mice on

    I must apologize for a word missing in previous statement. It should of said about Mr. Jenkins ” Was HE raise this way?” I certainly don’t profess to know how he was raised. Also I want to point out that this housing does not included seniors as a large unit. If the taxes were not so high in Westchester the seniors could afford it on their own. I ask that figures be kept on who these units are given to. Also this housing is open to all surrounding area’s, which means Westchester Tax payers are paying for NYC, Bronx, Queens and most of the communities that have housing issues, with out being required to pay for it. In my estimation most housing is fair and affordable providing you work for it. It also seemed to me that there is plenty other legislation that will deter landlords and realtors from discriminatory practices. They already have rules to do this!!! And it working well.

  5. The two or three truly educated and thoughtful members of this County Board are privately embarrassed to be in company with the crowd of dimwitted, bumbling fakers whom they are forced to sit amongst.

  6. 10 blind mice I think it is stand up for you to come back and correct what you said about Jenkins. He was not raised that way. he comes from a fine family and his father was an honest man a police officer who was promoted many times. I agree with you man but Jenkins not a stupid guy.Hes smart as all heck.