Obama in Albany, Schumer in Washington on Tuesday


New York’s senior Sen. Charles Schumer was in Albany today, pushing for pedestrian access to a rail bridge crossing the Hudson River into Rensselaer County.

Tomorrow, when President Barack Obama pays Albany a visit, Schumer will be back in Washington.

Despite Obama’s visit, Schumer said today that he will be in the nation’s capital tomorrow in order to vote whether to debate a proposal to freeze interest rates on subsidized Stafford loans for another year.

The issue has been a major one for Obama, and Schumer said the president wants him in Washington for the vote.

“I can’t miss that vote, the president doesn’t want me to miss that vote, but I will be there in spirit,” Schumer said.

Meanwhile, Schumer said he didn’t have anything to do with the last-minute venue change for Obama’s Capital Region visit. On Thursday, Obama had been scheduled to give his address at a Saratoga County plant owned by GlobalFoundries, whose is owned by the government of Abu Dhabi. On Friday, his trip was changed to visit the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the University at Albany.

“I discussed with the White House about the great opportunity of coming to Albany, but I told them both would be great locations,” Schumer said. “And in fact, I recommended they do both.”


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  1. President Obama will help everyone regain secure a better future:

    President needs to continue to make clear that Jobs and infrastructure are top priority for an improvised Middle Class’ and that working class people on a minimum wage that leaves single Mothers working two jobs hasn’t helped raise our children to be able to overcome all the obstacles they’ve started life having to overcome. Mitt Romney doesn’t get that and that’s why Pres. Obama is my choice in this election.

    Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

  2. Obama will end up like Jesse Jackson, and various others of his ilk, wandering the earth pandering for money while complaining about the country that made it possible for him to become educated, wealthy, and perpetually unindicted.

  3. we are all rhinos now on

    Obama won’t end up like jesse jackson..they are from opposite ends of the pole…Jackson is
    and was a preacher who participated in the martin luther king marches..Obama is a generation
    removed and is a Harvard educated constitutional lawyer..who is left of center but not
    socialist…now here is your problem..its all about keynesian economics vs supply side economics
    and if you don’t get that distinction you can complain and criticize all you want but it will
    be meaningless…Romney believes in the laffer curve..cut taxes and you stimulate growth
    cut spending at the same time and hope federal revenues are sufficient to cover what you
    are committed to…guess what it doesn’t work…bush tried it and we got the biggest deficit
    in history..and don’t blame obama for it because the bailouts were bushes and so was the
    TARP and that’s because bush was anything but conservative..he was under the spell of the
    neocons..which unfortunately Romney seems to be as well…and to quote dick cheney.Deficits
    don’t matter..well guess what ..they do…just look at europe..they are on an austerity binge
    and they are back in recession..because keynes was right..when the business cycle is in bust
    format..and the private sector isnt creating jobs the government has to prime the pump..
    we are doing that here..and we are not in recession…the economy is 70% consumer driven so
    if you want demand you have to print money…there will of course be inflation down the road
    but that is not such a bad thing since savers will earn interest which they will also spend..
    the republicans would not make a grand bargain to cut 4 trillion…romney should be pushing
    simpson bowles but he is not…because the tea party wing won’t compromise..too bad..
    when push comes to shove the choice will be austerity vs stimulus…I have a feeling i know
    where independents will come down on that in ohio, pa, fla, co, nh, iowa, and virigina

  4. Good luck with your pollyanna suburban predictions. The little that you remember from your sophomore Economics course could fill a thimble.

  5. . . . the 13 Year Old Girls Call it “Hide and Seek”! When the Presdient of The United States of America is visiting The “State” of “Mr.Kaddaffi Style or Mr.Saddam Hussuian Style Forever in Offices of Public Trust”! The “State Senato” should have been in the State to receive him! . . . But! this is “the lack of manners and free-for-all” STYLE IN The State of New York! ”

    The only difference seems to me is that that We held “regular elections” but ” . . ask not yourself what the Country can do for you! Ask what you can do for the Country and when are you going to retire; once elected are there on a Seat of Publicd Trust for How Many Years more than a decade? Well! Two Terms may have been fine! But; making the “Public Turst a Prossession Forever Makes no Sense at all” UNDER EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW, at all!

    Think! What We have doing! Look at the Budget Deficit! How can those who have bring the Country at this point . . .Can now fix it? May I ask Gentlemen!

    Ask Yourselves! Think How does it benefits The George Washington’s County?

    HABIBHASAN – An American Storyteller

  6. we are all rhinos now on

    I guess anyone that disagrees with you obumma..has only a sophmoric view…discuss the
    issues I presented because your personal style of attack means you have littel or no understanding of the issues below the surface nonsense that you parrot from limbaugh and
    the talking heads you must listen to

  7. Everybody wants something for nothing. I have no interest whatsoever in Rush Limbaugh. I know only that, unless you are God, you cannot make something out of nothing. I know that money doesn’t grow on the proverbial trees, and I know, too, that the piper must be paid. The very reason that these are cliches is because they are universal truths.

    Your unschooled recommendations, if literally followed and implemented, will simply lead us to become the United States of Venezuela, a “democracy” wherein fools rule and are kept in power by a growing and ignorant majority who want, want, want, without contribution and will vote for anyone bearing and disbursing gifts and toys.

  8. we are all rhinos now on

    and your solution along with the tea party is to simply gut non discretionary domestic
    spending thinking that you can balance the budget that way…so let’s abolish the department
    of education the FDA and The EPA…lets cancel pell grants for higher education and get rid
    of meat inspections ..lets forget about clean water and air…and let’s cancel all social security
    and medicare benefits because that is basically what the ryan budget does…on the same premise
    as your arguement that everyone wants wants wants..what do you want? and more importantly
    answer one question..are you willing to give up your social security benefits …because if you
    aren’t they you WANT too

  9. You are becoming an hysteric with your “meat inspections.” Reasonable, even generous social programs serve a purpose for those in need, but not for that large and growing segment who incessantly game the system. And, incidentally, when I get my social security, (if there is any money left,) I will have paid for it myself in spades.

  10. we are all rhinos now on

    well that’s where we disagree…if you in fact cut only discretionary domestic spending
    which is non military to reduce the deficit while simultaneously cutting taxes again you
    will in fact gut just about every department including those i mention..if you follow the ryan
    plan and give vouchers to people instead of single payor medicare coverage you will shift
    all of the risk of increased medical costs to seniors…and as for your social security and mine
    it should be means tested..it was never meant to pay the club dues…if you make over
    a certain amount of money in retirment from your investments you should lose a proportion
    of your social security benefits..same for medicare…your retirement age going forward should
    be increased from 62 to 64 and payroll taxes should be paid on way more than 95,000 in income
    finally the bush tax cuts must be allowed to expire…now you will have a strong dollar, no
    deficit and still maintain a safety net for those who actually need it…your problem is that
    you want yours but you don’t want others to have theirs no matter what their financial
    situation is…that is clear from your statement that “you paid in spades” ..its not a savings plan
    its a safety net plan for those who actually need it…

  11. They ALREADY tax your Social Security income if you make over a minimum amount of money from investments. My parents know this, and you are about to find out.

  12. BTW, there is no “h” in RINO, (Republican In Name Only,) unless you’re talking about a horned beast.

  13. we are all Rinos now on

    you are correct about spelling Rino…but you haven’t even scractched the surface on everything
    else that I have set forth because you know and i know that you want your parents to continue
    to get social security and medicare….but this all has to be limited at some point and it will
    be …..

  14. Seems that some are fiscal conservatives when the mood suits them, and then they are big spending liberals when the mood otherwise suits them. Your attack on medicare is ludicrous when it is obvious that freewheeling medicaid and crazy abuse of public pensions that are bankrupting us. As it stands, the top 20% of earners already pay for 80% of everything, and you ironically chastise them for their largesse.

  15. the consultant on

    hardly…what I am suggesting is what every legitimate inquiry into the mess we are in
    agrees upon..and that is that the promises made outweigh the ability to pay for them
    the republicans who posed as fiscal conservatives like W were anything but..you don’t
    start two wars and pass a medicare rx plan and then fail to pay for any of it if you
    are conservative…clinton left a surplus..it was promptly turned into a massive deficit
    by a repubican administration…but having said that …social security will go broke evenutally
    and medicare is broke now…so they have to be fixed..everyone has to share the pain and
    that includes those union members who retire on twice their base salaries because of a formula
    that allows overtime in the last 3 years of work to be counted…what I am saying is that
    the gimmicks have to be eliminated and that those who do not need the safety net should
    start losing some of them as their income level increases…we have all been big spenders both
    sides of the aisle ..now we all have to be big savers..some of us…don’t want to give up
    the habit…I do…in fact I already have

  16. If your kids are grown, the initial step and most workable way is to sell your Westchester home and the gigantic, confiscatory State, school and property taxes and comfortably move to a State with no or low taxes. This doesn’t solve the nation’s problems, but it’s surely a strong step in solving yours (and mine.)

  17. the consultant on

    mine is solved..i sold at the top of the market because although you do not think I know
    much about economics from your prior post..and that’s fine ..i do have a degree in same
    and recognized the housing bubble for what it was…selling now is tough to do..unless you want
    to take a beating..be patient and the prices will come back but never to what they were
    in the mean time understand that all states tax..and that for example in florida although
    there are no state income taxes..property taxes are equal to 2% of the purchase price of
    the house…and if the locality is in trouble they will simply raise property taxes…suggest renting

  18. Mr. Biz Niss on

    Indeed, Obumma, do move. Texas North Dakota Alaska Alabama Arizona Montana Wyoming Idaho Louisiana Mississippi Georgia South Carolina Nebraska South Dakota Utah all offer you the kind of conservative philosophy in government you crave. I care about more than just how much taxes I pay – I care about the quality of education, health care, public services, arts and culture, and I don’t want all 50 states to be one big Texas.

  19. For one who is so concerned with education, you seem to possess a dearth of punctuation. Use your fat wad of cash to wipe the drool of condescension from your chin.

  20. The only way this will be a close race is in the unlikely event that Hillary primaries Obama and wins the nomination.

  21. we are all Rinos now on

    I am afraid you are disconnected from reality if you are suggesting that romney will trounce
    obama…at this point in time obama has 253 electoral votes romney has 170…the battleground
    states include florida ohio virginia, indiana colorado new mexico new hampshire and penn..
    tell me how you think romney will pull this off…

  22. we are all Rinos now on

    that is not the way to analyze a presidential election…the poll is a national poll which
    has nothing to do with the way we elect presidents…we do it state by state.you should
    know that if you are commenting on the outcome but apparently you don’t

  23. The old ad-hominem card, eh? Beneath you. I am as familiar as you are with the States which are currently in play. Have you ever seen a candidate with a full 7 point lead in presidential polls who is an underdog? Silly.

  24. we are all rinos now on

    you have cited one poll, rasmussen..what makes you think their methodology is the only
    one that counts

    RCP Average

    4/27 – 5/10



    Obama +1.3

    Rasmussen Tracking

    5/8 – 5/10

    1500 LV



    Romney +7

    Gallup Tracking

    5/4 – 5/10

    2200 RV



    Romney +1

    Associated Press/GfK

    5/3 – 5/7

    871 RV



    Obama +8


    5/3 – 5/7

    959 RV



    Obama +7


    4/29 – 5/3

    1000 LV



    Romney +1


    4/27 – 5/4

    856 RV



    Obama +3

    Democracy Corps (D)

    4/28 – 5/1

    1000 LV




    suggest you look at the other polls….obama is up by 8 in one of them..but that’s not
    the point….its the state by state polls that count…and right now romney looses

  25. He “looses,” does he? Well, well, well, guess who “we are all rinos” is? As if we didn’t all know. Time for you to come out of the closet and register as a Democrat so you can save your soul. When you get to heaven, be sure to say hello to Lyndon, AC Powell, Jr., and Tip O’Neill. You’ll find the later in the bar area with Teddy K.

  26. we are all rinos now on

    problem is I have never been a democrat I have always been a republican…but that
    doesn’t mean i can’t read and interpret polling data…note i havent’ once given my opinion
    as to whom i think should be the next president I am simply analyzing the existing data
    which partisans like yourself are incapable of doing because you take the position that I am
    either with you or against you….it kind of takes the fun out of the poltical argument and its
    one of the reasons that the tea party is so inflexible and are not republicans or conservatives
    they are obstructionist radical reactionaries and barry morris goldwater a personal friend
    of my family would be spinning in his grave

  27. Sorry again – not a tea partier. Just an old country boy logician. The Rinos are falling State by State like Siberian snow. Didn’t notice?