U.S. Chamber of Commerce Gets Involved In NY House Races


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and members of the state’s business advocacy group announced they had launched a campaign featuring seven television ads to highlight congressional candidates’ stance on issues important to businesses, Gannett's Aaron Scholder reports.

The campaign is part of a four-state initiative by the Chamber to highlight the importance of the issues. The voter education campaign in New York is the largest of the four.

The ads will run in districts in counties including Westchester, Putnam, Ulster, Chenango, Broome, Cortland, Tompkins, Cayuga, Wayne and Monroe.

The Business Council of New York, an Albany-based association that represents more than 2,500 businesses in the state, joined the Chamber in launching the campaign.

“The goal of this campaign is to clearly define the records of the candidates in New York on issues important to the American recovery,” said Rob Engstrom, the national political director of the Chamber of Commerce. “For those who have consistently voted with us in favor of the free-enterprise system, they will find no better friend. For those who have consistently voted for big-government solutions, we will hold them accountable.”

The Business Council is co-sponsoring three of the seven commercials that will be airing.

“New York historically has been a place where strong advocates for the business community often have a hard time once they’re in office,” said Heather Briccetti, the president of the Business Council. “We decided to partner with the U.S. Chamber on this so we could support pro-business candidates at the national level.”


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  1. Mr. Biz Niss on

    Oh come on…Big Business is going to support Republicans. What a shock! I’m stunned!

    And why not? The GOP plans to reduce regulatory oversight on business (how exactly did the derivative mess and mortgage crisis happen? Runaway business people out for bigger profits) – just what Big Business ordered. Reduce environmental protections. reduce protection of the “little guy” – consumer protection. Cut spending, i.e. public education and health care.

    American voters deserve Romney and a Republican House and Senate. The FOX News and Radio Talk-o-Sphere will defend whatever they do. Then as the wealthy get wealthier, and the avergae conservative Joe sees his status drop, drop, drop, they’ll get what they wanted: the final end of the New Deal.

    Good luck in the Brave New World of Conservatism!