May 22 Is Grievance Day, But Not Festivus


The state Department of Taxation and Finance said today that New Yorkers can challenge their property assessments through May 22 — which is known as Assessment Grievance Day.

State officials said in a news release that taxpayers should visit the Web site of their city or town to find their property assessments. State law requires towns and cities to make assessment rolls available on the Internet and provide a link to the information from their homepages.

There’s also information about property-tax assessments on the state’s site:

The state said that assessment rolls should list each property’s assessed value, estimated market value and exemptions. If a property owner takes issues with the information, the state taxation department offered some steps to take from their news release:

1. Determine the market value of the property

2. Talk with the assessor

3. File an assessment grievance

And to be clear: Grievance Day is not related to the airing of grievances on Festivus.


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