Carlucci: Is air tax next?


In the latest back-and-forth between state Sen. David Carlucci and Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef, Carlucci has issued the following statement on Vanderhoef’s proposed contingency plan:

“Yesterday, the County Executive proposed an $8 million dollar gimmick to an $80 million dollar problem. Hardly well thought out, and with no support from the county legislature, this ill-conceived plan would enact troubling new measures for Rockland residents. Vanderhoef’s plan will implement an outrageous new energy tax on families who are simply trying to heat their homes in the cold winter months. What’s next – a tax on breathing? Scott Vanderhoef now has a new tax increase for every day of the week – plus one for good luck.

“It’s clear that the County Executive is not serious about ending the fiscal mismanagement that has betrayed our taxpayers for too long. They have resorted to more of the same tax and blame policies that have gotten us into this mess, instead of working to bring the unions, the legislature, and department heads together to find greater efficiencies and cost-cutting measures.


“I will work with anyone, of any party, to put the county’s fiscal house in order without raising taxes on residents. However, I will not and cannot be a part of making Rockland County the tax capital of New York State.”


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