Cuomo taps Assemblyman, Syracuse mayor to co-chair state Dems


Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner and Assemblyman Keith Wright, D-Manhattan, have been tapped to serve as co-chairs of the state Democratic Committee, the party announced today.

The pair was picked by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the state’s highest ranking Democrat and the de facto head of the party. If approved by the committee, they would replace Jay Jacobs, who was appointed by then-Gov. David Paterson and announced last week he was stepping down.

“Mayor Miner and Assemblyman Wright are outstanding leaders both for our party and our state. They have been dedicated community leaders and champions of the key missions of the Democratic Party,” Cuomo said in a statement. “I thank them for agreeing to serve in these critical positions and look forward to working with them in their new roles.”

Miner was first elected as mayor in 2009, after previously serving on the city’s Common Council. Wright, meanwhile, has represented Harlem in the Assembly since 1992.

The Democratic Committee will vote on an amendment to its bylaws this week that would allow for co-chairs, instead of a single leader. Miner and Wright’s confirmation will be put to a vote June 5, according to the Dems.


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  1. Troubling choice by Cuomo considering Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner’s numerous local scandals since she took office only two years ago, including the debacle this past election cycle where she tried to circumvent campaign finance laws by using the State Democratic Party’s unlimited financing to route money from her PAC to candidates for local office that she hand-picked. It was that act that landed her on the Brennan Center for Justice’s “Campaign Finance Corruption and Politics” list.

    Her deputy mayor had to leave office because it was revealed he was illegally double-dipping, something Miner apparently turned a blind eye to until it was brought to the light of day in a story also broke by the Syracuse Post-Standard.

    The head of her legal department resigned after Miner unhired two young attorneys who were in the process of moving to Syracuse, leaving them without jobs and children in tow, in order to hire the daughter of a local judge and political ally. Another situation that came to light in the local paper.

    This list goes on. This is someone who is going to help shape the future of democratic politics in this state?