Katz gets GOP nod from two counties


State Assemblyman Steve Katz, a Yorktown Republican who thought about taking on state Sen. Greg Ball, received the backing of the Westchester and Putnam GOP Tuesday night in his bid for a second term in the Assembly.

“I look forward to the general campaign ahead,” Katz said in a statement today. “New York voters deserve a campaign free of dirty tricks. They deserve an open and vigorous debate on the issues at hand. My campaign is ready to deliver and – in the fall – I am ready to resume my seat in the Assembly and continue my service to the people of New York state.”

Katz faced a challenge Tuesday night from Dario Gristina, a Putnam Valley Republican who may force a primary for the Republican endorsement. Democrat Andrew Falk of Patterson plans to run for the seat in November.


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  1. dirty tricks? on

    A campaign “free of dirty tricks”? Katz maybe forgot he hired a private investigator to tear apart Dario Gristina’s family. I hear the next piece of dirty politics katz comes out with is about Gristina’s daughter. But these aren’t “dirty tricks” I presume. They’re just a way of life after having been brainwashed by his newfound temporary friends in Brewster and Southeast, who seem to have never gotten over Greg Ball steamrolling every loser who came out of that political ghetto and are now misleading Katz into doing their dirty work for them.