Date Set For Joe Bruno’s Retrial; Gag Order Imposed


A federal judge today set Feb. 4 as the retrial date for former Senate Republican Leader Joseph Bruno, the Associated Press is reporting.

The judge, U.S. District Judge Gary Sharpe, handled the first trial, and today he imposed a gag order on the lawyers.

“This case is going to get tried in the courtroom, not the press,” Sharpe said, according to the AP story. “Same rules as last time.”

Here’s more of the report:

Sharpe acknowledged that Bruno himself held daily press conferences on the courthouse steps during the 2009 trial to say he was innocent while his lawyers stood quietly by. “I know what I can control and what I can’t,” the judge said.

The retired 83-year-old Bruno was convicted on two counts of so-called honest services fraud, under a general theory he used his influence to make money in his sideline consulting business, depriving taxpayers of his honest services. He was acquitted of five charges, and the jury was unable to decide on another count after the monthlong trial.

Sharpe sentenced Bruno to two years in prison, but he remained free pending appeal. An appeals court last year dismissed the convictions, citing a Supreme Court ruling in another case that prosecutors must show direct bribes or kickbacks.


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  1. just the facts on

    there should be a standing gag order on every criminal trial..neither the prosecution nor the
    defense should be able to say a word to the press….see People vs Lynch and Byrne the
    Bronfman alleged kidnapping case..a perfect example of the defense attempting to poison
    the jury pool before jury selection

  2. Methuselah Justice on

    So what’s changed from the last trial? There was then the same gag order on attorneys. It was arrogant, wacko Bruno with the big mouth and the daily press conferences. And it will be again.