Saland Earns Bloomberg’s Praise For Bill To Dismiss Teachers


Sen. Stephen Saland, R-Poughkeepsie, is headed to Gracie Mansion this afternoon to receive plaudits from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Saland is planning to introduce a bill that would give school superintendents and the New York City schools chancellor the ability to fire teachers in sexual-abuse cases. There have been a number of cases in the city and across the state where a teacher isn’t fired for sexual misconduct, or it takes years to fire a teacher, supporters said.

Bloomberg said in a statement that the bill would be consistent with due process and disciplinary proceedings for nearly all other city employees. He said tenured employees would retain the right to file an appeal with state Supreme Court under Article 78 of the State Civil Practice Law.

Saland and Bloomberg were expected to be joined by New York City Chancellor Dennis Walcott, the state School Boards Association and the state Council of School Superintendents.

“If a school employee is found to have engaged in sexual behavior or made sexual comments towards students, the chancellor should have the final say on what action to take and the legislation we are proposing would provide that authority,” Bloomberg said.

In a statement, Saland, the former Senate Education Committee chairman, said, “Given the grave nature of the cases involving educational professionals who are charged with inappropriate sexual conduct with a student, it is critically important that these charges are addressed in an expedited manner.”

The legislation, which has yet to be introduced, would make school districts the final arbiter in deciding whether a teacher is fired. It’s unclear whether Saland has a sponsor in the Democratic-led Assembly. The proposal is certain to face strong opposition from unions.

Bloomberg has had high praise for Saland previously. Saland was one of four Senate Republicans to back same-sex marriage last year, and he was the critical 32nd vote that lead to its passage.

As a result, Bloomberg, a major backer of same-sex marriage, sent the maximum $10,300 to Saland’s campaign account last year.


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  1. When “The Journal News” – The (don’t know how) The Official Newspaper of The Town of Orangetown started controlling the “human thoughts and Free Speech” unlike What The Constitution of The United States Of America pescribes….And, last time I checked was charging $14 a month to express one’s opinions and at the Sametime keeping ( the Freedom.of Thought ) LEASHED BY their SELF WRITTEN AND IMPOSING Terms and Conditions; I have been regularly writing 1000 Words! ( controlled by servers in London )!

    When, I commented a few wrote against me and called me “ranting”! That was not yesterday! It was rather almost two and half years ago! However, what happened yesterday in Natioal News was that a large number of So called Teachers (from SCHOOLS DISTRICTS) were apprehended having sex with the students!….Were these isolated cases? Think again! What is actually going on is the ” legal dictum” …”unless proven guilty” at large! Many know what is going on but will coverup each other! Now tell me who was “ranting” where “sex” was discharged?

    Shameful! Well! Here is what “The New Dimensions of Intellegence – An Eassy By HABIBHASAN ” had to say about this: ” It’s all written on their faces and body language! ….”

    However! those (who we are referring as 15 or 16 Year Olds knew what they were doing as much as the teacher; but under the ” whatever law” the Teacher are arrested and charged, but the Student is going to walk away! …..Sure! Pass a Bill and letting the “so-called student” equally engaged in the Crime walk free and on top expunge his or her record is the biggest injustice and inequality of Fair Trial and Punishments! However! if a Child is really innocent or what the present legal system calls it “juvinal” is the biggest slap on The Face of Justice An innocent Child never engages in the act rather runs to his or her father or mother and tell them right away! By that “Birth Certificate” and absence or ex,single mother, father or step etc., in Jewish, Christian and Muslim Societies in.any Civilsed Nation! But! When Sin becomes an acceptable norm in any ones daily lives with Budget used for distribution of condoms calling it education! Makes no sense to many God Fearing American Families! Enjoying the Freedom of Religion in American Soil!

    How is this Bill going to provide Equal Justice Under Law? It’s scope is wrong!

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller