Thruway Authority eyes steep toll hike for commercial traffic


The state Thruway Authority took a step toward increasing tolls for certain commercial vehicles on the state superhighway, eyeing a 45 percent increase for vehicles with three or more axles.

The Thruway Authority board just voted to allow Executive Director Tom Madison to “proceed with necessary actions” to implement the toll hike, which includes an environmental review and at least three public hearings.

“Specifically, this item seeks the board’s approval to pursue a proposed 45 percent adjustment to certain commercial toll rates,” Madison said at the Thruway board’s meeting today in Rockland County. “In an effort to lessen the impact on local economies and smaller businesses and operators, the proposal for the toll adjustment will not apply to commercial vehicles with less than three axles.”

The toll adjustment, Madison said, is necessary to ensure the Thruway Authority can proceed with improvements to the highway’s aging infrastructure. The money from the increase would not directly be used to help finance a new Tappan Zee Bridge, an aging span between Westchester and Rockland counties that the state is looking to replace, he said.

The increase will be paired with a series of moves to “streamline” the Thruway Authority’s operations, Madison said.

Board members approved the actions today after they were presented with a report from Navigant Capital Advisors, an outside consultant that had been hired to look at the authority’s financial footing. Authority Chairman Howard Milstein said the report would be made available on the authority’s website.


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  1. A truckers wife on

    REALLY??? My husband is a small business and this increase will effect us dramatically! The tolls are already outrageous and push him to the back roads at which he has more opportunity to run into the DOT personnel to inspect his truck and fine and ticket us and waste our time. If tolls continue to rise owner operators will be going out of business left and right. This is unfair and just another reason to hate NYS. The I love NY campaign shouldn’t be revived it should be changed to you can only love NY if you are on welfare and don’t work for a living… the working class HATES NY and their tolls and taxes! Way to go force more hard working NYers (who have lived here their whole loves) to move to another state.. once we are all gone who will help support your welfare and your fix your roads and pay your salaries??? NO ONE!!!

  2. unbelievable !!!!! Why an increas at all but a 45 percent increase, this poor management should be kicked to the curb. What will the effect of such an increase have. First, any company with half a brain will be beating a path out of NY, who can pay those tolls and be competitive. And if they stay, they will be forced to pass along the increase in the form of higher product cost for the consumer. Lsts do an analysis of Thruway authority appointees salaries, assignment of Thruway owned cars used exclusively by high level apointees and lets look at a bloted authority who should be flush since so many employees have departed and or been replaced EZ Pass etc.

    Does the state really need more money ? Not really, they just need to learn to manage the funds better. Still need more ? Well how about massive taxation on video game systems. Much like cigarettes, nothing has done more to contribute to the poor health of our citizens than the inactivity caused by the video game. Tax the games to the point that parents can no afford to buy the games. Then start a massive campaign to get the kids to go outside after they get home from school. They could perhaps play a game outside, something like lets get rid of the government.

  3. Governments and politicians know of no way to operate other than to constantly bleed and squander money and incessantly raise taxes and fees. If they were in legitimate business and had to compete in an honest marketplace, they would go bankrupt. Even WITH taxing power and NO COMPETITION they are going bankrupt. (See NY OTB for a glaring example)