Schneiderman launches expansion of transparency website


State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman today unveiled an upgrade — and a new name — for the state’s Project Sunlight transparency website:

The expanded website should please data geeks, as it features a number of enhanced searching options and database formats to download information about state contracts, lobbying clients, charity information and more.

“We’ve seen the power of social media for democracy movements around the world. By making this tool compatible with multiple media platforms, we hope to empower our own citizens to hold their government accountable,” Schneiderman said in a statement.

The Project Sunlight website was originally launched by then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who for a time had hired away longtime goo-goo Blair Horner to help set it up.


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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    I like the new name better… Project “Sunlight” Transparance had actually giving me an impression that this Open Government Website had no transparency when the daylight was over! After all, a lot of corruptions happens after dark…( Just Joking! LOL!

    HABIBHASAN-An American Stoeyteller.