‘Ask Astorino’ telephone town hall draws more than 20,000


More than 20,000 people tuned in to the “Ask Astorino” telephone town hall Wednesday night with Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.

The average time on the line was 10 minutes, according to a statement from his office. Astorino answered 13 questions and conducted three unscientific phone polls during the call. Here are the results:

• When the new Tappan Zee Bridge is built, should some form of mass transit be included? Yes, 73 percent; No, 27 percent

• What is the most pressing issue facing you and your family? Taxes, 58 percent; jobs, 23 percent; flooding, 6 percent; environment, 5 percent; daycare, 4 percent.

• Do you support the county’s efforts to keep the federal government from expanding the terms of the 2009 housing settlement? Yes, 74 percent; No, 21 percent; I don’t know, 5 percent.



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  1. Napoleon has noting on bobby on

    I would have conducted a different poll myself:

    1. Did astorino the catholic tea bagger divorce a woman in 1997?
    2. Is astorino’s father a dirty ex-mt vernon police lt convicted felon who got busted by the feds and served time for stealing money?
    3. Does being a DJ on sirius catholic radio qualify u to run westchester?

  2. Napoleon has noting on bobby on

    And exactly how does astorino know how many people tuned into radio show? And
    20000???? That’s rich. I feel sorry for the mirror on the wall that has to answer astorino’s daily question “whose the fairest of them all?”

  3. Napoleon has noting on bobby on

    Should read “the radio show” and “who’s”. Dam happy hour!

  4. Yonkers Resident on

    What exactly does Astornio do to help distressed communities and housing stock in Yonkers, Mt. Vernon and places which could be viable areas for rewewal. His political hack of a Chief of Staff refuses to answer emails, calls to even take a step and see the numerous forclosures and coop & condos which are on the market. This administration is missing a good opportunity to promote the current housing stock in Westchester.

  5. Say Thank You, Gracie on

    The “Distressed” pay no federal taxes, no county taxes, no property taxes, no school taxes, and they receive housing, welfare, free education, police and fire protection, food stamps, SSI, free cell phones, and a hundred other generous handouts. without adding one thing to the economy other than an enormous drag. Say thank you.