Maurice Hinchey to endorse Dan Lamb for Congress


A retiring congressman from the mid-Hudson Valley will support his longtime aide in the race to succeed him (in a redrawn district that no longer resembles the one he currently represents.)

Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-Hurley, Ulster County, will formally endorse Dan Lamb (pictured) — who had been Hinchey’s Binghamton representative — at a news conference Monday, Lamb’s campaign announced. Both Lamb and Hinchey are Democrats.

The newly redrawn 22nd congressional district stretches from Binghamton through the Utica area, reaching as far north as Oswego. Hinchey currently represents a district that includes Poughkeepsie, Binghamton and Ithaca.

Lamb is running to replace incumbent Rep. Richard Hanna, a Barneveld Republican who first won election in 2010, ousting Michael Arcuri.

According to the Lamb campaign (which also features former Hinchey spokesman Mike Morosi as campaign manager): “Hinchey will speak to what he has learned throughout his 20-year career in Congress. He will also discuss the need for a new Congress that can address the country’s great challenges in a way that benefits working and middle class families, instead of wealthy special interests.”


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  1. …. I understand where “this business of endorsements” surfaces from… But, for the sake of (if) We The People “for real” say that “… The Change We Believe In”! must with immediate effectively stop “giving or receprociating endorsesments!…

    Unless! its last century, where a Radio Host get hired by GE to sell toothpaste! ( Joke)!

    Can we in 21st Century America may please allow The People of The United States of America decide for themselves who to elect? Mr.Saddam Hussian surely wanted like Mr.Mamur Kadaffi for his “Sons” to be “endorsed” as next heirs to the “Chairs” of “Power”!

    What I see in “endorsements” is similar smell! This doesn’t suit US or never has, read history!
    We are Americans! Let’s be one! Prove it by practices in Private and Public!

    God Bless America.
    HABIBHASAN- An American Storyteller

  2. just the facts on

    the endorsements that we should be concerned about are the cross endorsements by minor
    parties of major party candidates…only 6 states allow the practice and unfortunately new york
    is one of opens the door to political and ideological extortion…and the practice should
    be banned..let republicans and democrats fight it out without the necessity of caving in to
    the independence party or the conservative or working families parties on any issue or on
    who gets what job as payback after the election is over

  3. David S. Levine on

    Maurice Hinchey is one of the prime reasons the economy of the United States and new York State is in the tank.

    When he was in the Assembly he scuttled the attempt of a Canadian company to construct dams along the James River which would have supplied hydro generated electricity to new York.

    As a congressman he supported the efforts to decommission the nuclear power generation plant at Indian Point.

    He is now fighting against efforts, successful in Pennsylvania, to hydro-frack natural gas in the Southern Tier counties he misrepresents and of course opposed oil drilling all over the country and offshore.

    Consistent with the foregoing, he opposed Israel’s attempts to defend itself against Arab terrorism.

    Maurice Hinchey is the Groucho Marx of energy policy–whatever it is, he’s against it!