Outrage Over Toll Hike, Congressional Edition


And now, a member of New York’s Congressional delegation is the latest to pile on the state Thruway Authority over a proposed toll hike.

Rep. Kathy Hochul, D-Amherst, penned a letter sent to Gov. Andrew Cuomo today, panning the proposed hike as a “heavy burden” on communities and businesses.

A quick refresher: The Thruway Authority on Wednesday proposed a 45 percent toll increase on all vehicles with three or more axles. An environmental review and public hearings have to be held before the authority board can vote on implementing the increase.

“That is why I urge you to reject the 45 percent increase for trucks that has been recommended by the NYS Thruway Authority,” Hochul wrote to Cuomo. “If implemented, this would seriously hinder economic activity in our region.”

Hochul represents a western New York region that had been held by Chris Lee, who resigned amid a Craigslist scandal uncovered by Gawker.

Here’s Hochul’s letter:
053112 Cuomo Toll Letter


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  1. Those of us who are “Holding The Oath of Trust in a Public Office” irrespective of “how they got there and since maintaining their continued presence maintaining that they “are actually” the “Representatives of The People in Thr or from the Districts” they are elected under “zero” Check and Balance of “The Rule of Law” and “any Central Authority” that was ” Prescribed by The Framers of The US Constitution” back then!. Anyways! If the “Law Makers of New York” above their “non-existing or non-existant agendas for Uplifting and Strengthening The Homeland and It’s Peoples” after elected “form” a “Private Faction” with “Factions in The State Assembly” for which there was “no mandate sought or given to them by the electorates at Local, State, or Federal Level. However, the US CONSTITUTION allows the US Congress to “conduct” business as they “may prefer”! And, there the 3 Branches of Government (unless intrrupted by dishonesty” plays an intact intent role of “Checks and Balances”. For example ( at local level) a State Senator from Rockand did!

    The Author of The Declaration of Independece had “Sowrn Upon Alter of God” to “Fight All Types of Tyranny” And, he did and spend an example life like all the other Founding Fathers! We as American People must follow the same. And, Certainly, In My Humble Opinions and Meager Observations The MTA.and It’s Political Circles of All (who meet behind closest doors must bring up more transparent conducts.

    Recently, what The NY State Attorney General did for Open Government is highly commendable. He earned My Respect Brand New! Although, our interpretation of “The Second Amendment” is way apart as Night and Day! But, I respect the AG’s Point of View on “Guns” a great deal. I am sure, he respects the NRA and my “interpretation” in similarly manners as The Framers of Our Constitution Intended.
    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller